10 Gadgets We Love To Click or Press

10. The Pen

Believe it or Not, Pens are clicked millions of times per day! They are used to endorse important documents as well as simply writing or just sitting a test. The clicking or pressing of pens has now become a habit for some people, they do it unaware.

Article from Wickipedia
"In its normal use, the button is only pressed when someone wants the nib of the pen to be exposed so they can write with it. It is impossible to click a pen without the nib of the pen being exposed. This makes a noise, which varies in tone, dynamic and timbre depending on the size and make of the pen. When the noise is heard repeatedly it can sound like a "locust convention",] and can have a psychological effect on the doer or anyone in the vicinity. The action can either be a conscious or a subconscious action. It is often associated with boredom, inattentiveness[7] thinking, hiding something, or nervousness. Pen clicking is one type of harassment that can be done while on foot. Clicking pens is one of the physical symptoms."

9. Buzzer

The Buzzer has been around and have been pressed millions of times to earn its place among this unique list of top tens. There are certain Stores and Business service buildings all over the world which do not carry an open door policy. You have to press the outside buzzer to be signaled that you need entrance and then press the inside buzzer to signal that you need to be let out or to let yourself out.

8. Car Alarm

Oh that screaming car! The Car Alarm systems alerts us when something is being in close proximity to our vehicles or foreign objects has hit or if some lunatic is trying to get in our car. Alarm systems have now become complex pieces of devices which allows us to send a lot of automated commands to our cars, such as to shut down, turn on and so on. All over the world car alarm systems are installed and alarm keys are pressed constantly. For the average driver who just drive to work and then back home that's a mere four presses per day. The Numbers add up!

7. Elevator Buttons

They go up, down and now sideways. We depend on Elevators to Carry our tired feet to the top of Skyscrapers or just a few floors from ground. The Elevator is a real workhorse and has to be kept constantly maintained due to its high importance and demanding needs. Some elevators travel more distance than some flights when you add up how many times per day they go up and down. Towering business offices have excessive human traffic and amounts to thousands of presses of elevator buttons per day.

6. Automatic Teller Machines

ATM's has been one over the better inventions in history, It sometimes saves us the hassle of joining long lines in banks to complete simple transactions. It is fast and accurate. Almost everyone who as a bank account as a ABM card associated with their account. The ATM is used worldwide Millions of times per day resulting in it ending up at top 6 in my list.

5. Game Console

How can a list like this exist without not having one of the most important pieces of items ever to have been created; The Game Console.There are three major players in the market for video game consoles: Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Nintendo’s Wii is the best seller among current generation consoles. By the end of 2012, Nintendo had sold 99.4 million units of the family friendly console. The Wii was the first console to feature motion-controlled games and became an instant hit, especially among the casual gamer. In 2011 however, both Sony and Microsoft released motion-based controllers for their consoles and the technically inferior Wii has since lost its competitive edge.

4. The Remote Control

Don't change that station! The remote control is one of the most precious pieces of household items. There is the remote for the Air Condition, the garage door, the fan, but we will look on the one most dear to us all; The Television Remote. In today's modern world, everything is created for comfort and the television remote just does that. Can you imagine the pain and anguish of getting up off that comfortable sofa each time to change a channel or to turn up or down the volume. Having no remote available, and with hundreds of channels to choose from that would absolutely be ridiculous. The television remote is rated as one of the most click able items.

3. Mouse

The buttons on the computer mouse are pressed an average of 500 times daily! Desktop computers are useless to the average Joe without its famous mouse present to run around the desktop copy and pasting and highlighting as it goes by. Hundreds of millions of computers are sold worldwide and users have fallen in love with the little critter called "mouse" and have used it everyday when a desktop is booted. The mouse has cheesed its way on the list making it number three.

2. Keyboard

If you don't want your boss to give you that "hot" letter, take away his secretary's keyboard. (Bosses can't type). The keyboard has had its share of presses, pounding and demolition. The keyboard is one piece of equipment that some users use to take out their frustration on by using a slow or outdated PC. It is used to create every piece of material you have ever read, whether it be physical document or electronic. Don't be mislead, typewriters are a form of keyboard,So old books not pen published were created by a keyboard. With over one hundred keys being utilized on a daily basis. The keyboard has earned its way into the number two spot on the list.

1. Cell Phone

According to an article posted on E-marketing, Cell phone users will total 2 Billion smart phone users by 2015. The Smart phone is the most used electronic device in the world. Social Networking has help to elevate the smart phone usage by proving apps such as What's app, Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. billions of text messages are sent daily. Taking "Selfies" and posting as now become the order of the day. The Smartphone is pressed billions of time daily and has clearly earned its spot at number one.
Those ten items are undoubtedly the most pressed or clicked in the world, if you don't think so, ask your fingers.