4 Reasons Why Google Shows Your Blog Little Attention

So why are you here at the Google Psychiatrist today? You feel like Google is doing you wrong, you feel like your website is not getting enough hits? Or is it that you believe Google is just neglectful of your relationship and is not sending many people to you anymore? Well, as the Google Psychiatrist, I am here to help you. I will tell you today what you are doing wrong why my Good friend Google seems to be shutting you out. I will then tell you what you need for Google to really love you again and make the relationship between you and google work. But before i even go into the pointers, you must realize that Google doesn't keep steady relationships and is sometimes very unpredictable and will just pack up and simply forget you. And that you are not the only person in a relationship with Google! Google is a wild one and just can't seem to settle down. Now with all that out the way, lets get into why Google may just not love you anymore.

Understanding Google

To have a great relationship, one must understand the needs of one another and try to fulfill such needs, but being in a relationship with Google may take to the more filling of Google's needs, right? Google is a one side relationship type of guy, but i am sure by pleasing Google, you will be pleased too. So If google really doesn't love you it is probably because you are a bad "pleaser". You need to dust off that pink bunny negligee, pop out those handcuffs, bring out that lotion, pop open your laptop and start the pleasing. Now, what are you doing wrong in this one sided relationship? Lets take a look.

1. You Dress Poorly

So you want Google's attention and you dress like you just walked through a tornado spinning a volcano. Your website must be appealing to visitors and to Google too. Poorly designed websites rarely gets Google's love and will get a lot of bad mouthing from visitors. Your website should have good color coordination and very good site navigation which will make visitor experience great. The more great feedback you get about your site, the more it gets shared. Sites that are tedious to navigate and looks like crushed newspaper will be forgotten and tossed in the black book of Googles past relationships. Also, Google likes it when you are look good and also fast. He can't wait on your tiny blog to take a decade to load to see what's up. And when it loads it loads half way. You had better fix up your coding and load time if you want some Google love.

2. You Lack Communication

So you build your blog and gave Google the "winky" eye and Google looks at you and glances away. You are shocked out of your wits and wonder why after you go through all the trouble of getting Google's attention he decides to give you the cold shoulder. Well, i can honestly say that you need to work on your communication skills. Google did not simply turn his face away, he was waiting on you to say something else but you didn't. You had nothing more to say so he went elsewhere. You cannot create a website or blog and have thin, poor, bad written content on your site and expects Google to come rushing in with love. You need to attract more visitors to your blog be engaging them in good quality content. Content that they need and can relate to. Then, ensure that when you begin to create that content you don't run off key, in other words, if you began talking to Google about "Cats", you shouldn't then begin talking about "Making Money Online" Google will get confused as to what you are communicating and so will your readers. In other words, Google likes it when you niche your communications with him. So stick to a specific genre of communication.
Don't say what Tom Said Before
You want to talk to Google using someone else's words are a Big NO in Googles Book. You can't copy the same things coming from Tom's mouth and repeat them to google and expect great communication. Tom and Google will be disgruntled and you may end up in hot water for doing so. What this means is you have to create your own unique content for google to respect your communication skills. Taking someone else's content and using it as your own can put you on the dark side of Google permanently.

3. You Need To Go Out More

Google likes open relationships and just don't want you to just sit their trying to communicate with him and keep getting neglected. You must get up and optimize your self so that Google may see your worthiness and decide to draw closer and show you some love. So what do you need to do? You have got to do some Search Engine optimization, aka, SEO. Search Engine optimization is doing various tweaks and activities on your blog or website to ensure your website can be found in search engines for words and phrases relevant to what the site is offering. When you practice SEO, you practice the use of quality keywords throughout every post on your website. So lets say you have created a post with the title, "How To Jump Inside a Cartoon" Throughout your post you must use the relevant keywords of "Jump inside cartoon". When Google crawls the web for those keywords, he looks at your post and realize that you have talked about jumping inside of a cartoon through several paragraphs and then decides to bring up your post to the searcher. But guess what, you cannot over use the keywords and just drop them anywhere in your post without your sentence structure requiring the word. Google sees this as keyword stuffing, meaning you are just seeking attention and have nothing of quality to offer. Then Google will just turn away and begin to ignore you. In other words, Google starts penalizing you for all that useless fluffy keywords on your website.

Link Building
As i said before, Google likes open relationships. You need to go out and promote yourself, mingle with the net crowd and get others to talk about you. When google sees a lot of people talking about you, especially important people, He will start to rekindle his relationship with you and begin to draw much closer. When you have a blog or website, link building is important as Google sees this as relevant feature for ranking your blog and giving it the respect it deserves. So how does one create these links?
  • Share your content on social media and let others re-share it.
  • Guest blogging for larger blogs and always leave your link in your signature
  • Comment on blogs within the same niche, again leave your link in your signature
  • Write a simple eBook, probably around ten pages with something important pertaining to your blog niche. Create as many links needed in the eBook and simply give it away free.
  • List in online Directories
  • Create Business cards, Tell people about your site.

4. Someone Else Has Gotten Google's Attention

Google is a real wild child. You can be sure that Google will quickly look at someone else if you begin to fall off par in what he is looking for in a relationship. The trick is to always stay fresh, updated and current. If someone else comes along with a better communicating model, builds super back-links and is just a keyword genius, you can almost be sure Google will pay much more attention to that person than you. So what can you do about this? Don't get laid back and lackadaisical when it comes on to keeping Google's attention and of course your new readers and returning readers.
  • Create evergreen useful Content
  • Update content that needs updating
  • See whats happening in the world of technology and update your website with cool new features
  • Post even more on social media
  • Stay in the Loop
  • Maintain your blog or site regularly

Has Google Began To Love You Again?

Well, i have outline the main things why Google may fall out of love with you. Your job is to go fix your issues so Google will eye you once more and that love affair that you both had will rekindle. So how will you know if Google is actually loving you? That my friend is really simple. Google begins to pay you much more attention in a positive way.
  • You notice a Big and consistent upwards movement in your blog traffic.
Yes, when you see this simple thing you know Google's got your back. This means Google is looking at you more, likes how you look and feel, likes the things you are saying, likes that fact that other people are recommending you, and likes the fact you are using steady and useful keywords to communicate. He sees you doing fresh and innovative things to remain relevant. He admires this and simple can't stop looking at you, he wants to be closer to you, he may even want to work directly with you. Once you see all of this now happening, you know without a doubt that Google loves you.