5 Steps In Making Money Online

First things first, let’s clear the myth which tells you that making money online is quick and easy, well probably if you are engaging in something illegally that is. But if you plan to make legitimate income online and maintain passive revenue it will be a road of hard work and dedication just like any other jobs. This article is not aimed at selling you anything, I won't ask you to buy an eBook, I won't ask you to buy any product. I am simply giving you real and priceless making money information that if i was to sell to you, you probably could not afford. I will skip out all the fat and get to the meat of the matter by first sharing with you how people who claim to make hundreds of thousands of dollars online really do it and methods you can use to replicate their long term success. OK, now let’s get the ball rolling, the sooner you acquire this unique knowledge the quicker you can begin to make real money online.

1. Sell a How to Make Money Online EBook
Millions of people search on how to make money online and hundreds of thousands try every day and more than 90% fail simply because they were lead into the hype of lies and nothing. What I mean is that people want to know how to make money online and in seeking that knowledge, there are brilliant marketers out there whom are selling this very information i am giving away free as eBooks. So how do you make money online selling "How to make money online eBooks?" Well it is nothing of difficulty to do. All you need to do is:
  • Do your researcher on methods that people have used to actually make money online
  • compile your validated data into an eBook
  • Upload and Sell Your E book on Amazon
  • Write beautiful articles on making money and be sure to make mention of your book and a link where making money enthusiast can purchase your eBook.
2. Sell Articles
If you are a decent writer and can knock off some pretty good 700 to 1500 word articles easily, you could make some good money writing online for passive or immediate income. There are many sites online which will pay you one flat rate for niche type articles, or you could post your articles on content sites which would allow you to monetize those content and pay you when people view your articles. The thing with this passive income is that it may take lots of time for you to get a payout as visitors to your article will take time to build up. If you are one of the lucky few who have the knack for writing viral content, then payout will be much quicker.
Sites which buys your articles will pay you from 25-1000 dollars for your content. If you want a passive income and wish to take it the long haul, there are two great writing sites I recommend

3. Do Online Jobs
There are lots of people online now that have many task to be completed and seeks to outsource the work. You can do many freelance jobs in your spare time on the internet. You can sign up at websites like elance.com and apply to do various types of online jobs such as, internet research, data processing, excel jobs, programming jobs, and much more. Whatever skill which you have and is good at you will be sure to find a freelancing job to do. There are people who are paid to tutor online and even do language translation. One thing about freelancing is that if you have multiple skills, such as data processing, writing, programming, you can capitalize on multiple jobs freelancing.

4. Build A Good Website And Monetize It
In today's world of website building, one doesn't need to know HTML nor high tech java script (website programming languages) to in order to create a beautiful website which will allow you to eventually make money. All you will need to have is the passion for writing effective, audience and money driven articles and you will be on your way. There are many platforms available which helps you to build your own website easily without knowing any programming languages. Two good ones are Weebly.com and WordPress.com. All you need to do on these platforms is to drag and drop elements on your webpage and that's it. Sign up immediately if you want to build a free website to start making money online. Now we have established the two best platforms to build your free website, let’s look at the steps involved in building a website and monetizing it.
  • Figure out the Niche you will be using. (Niche sites are one that deals with a specific topic only, e.g. Money, loan, mortgage may all come under the finance niche)
  • Come up with a great website name - This should at least reflect the nature of your business/content. So you cannot write about plants and the name of your site is www.celebrity-scoop.com
  • Register your new domain name
  • Write lots of great content for your website
  • Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Create social network links and allow your site to mature
  • Apply for any monetization programs such as affiliate programs or google ad-sense.

5. Do Online Surveys and Product Testing
If you have a lot of spare time on your hands you should sign up for reputable survey sites which pays you’re to do online surveys. Hundreds of companies go to these site and solicit information which may be needed to improve or develop a product. This is where you come in, survey sites then sign up hundreds and thousands of survey takers and pay them a stipend and the information gathered is sent back to the company who requested the data.

You must sign up for more than one survey site as sometimes surveys do take a little time to come trickling into your email. My suggestion would be to sign up for at least five reputable survey sites. Reputable means site which gives you surveys to take periodically and pays you in stipulated time period.
Taking surveys will not get you rich quick online, as many surveys will bring in from 5 - 75 dollars per survey. So if you get 10 surveys worth 5 dollars for the month that is an easy 50 bucks you just made online.

Gather More Make Money Online Information for Yourself
The Making money online industry is a very selfish one, even though you have hundreds of thousands of pages online telling you how to make money and at the end of the page you will have to sign up for some 30 day trial or something like that which may cost you anywhere from 20 - 1000's of dollars. Here i am simply giving you this general and truthful ways in which people actually make legitimate money online. These five ways will give you a lift on how to get your wheels turning, but you will need to gather more information on how to bring in your customers in order to make money. After all, it’s the customers who are spending for your service or product. You will need to read a bit more in depth information on making money online and harvesting leads. (Leads are potential customers)

Make Money online Scams
There are some very unscrupulous persons on the internet whose sole purpose is to scam you out of your hard earned money. The sad thing is that so many people are desperate for making money and want to make thousands quickly and easily they seem to always get caught in the make money online scam net. Let’s take a look at a very familiar line:

You could be making $$$ in the next couple of  hours! I'll give you everything you need to start making  over a $1000/day! All you need  to do is pay a one-time fee of $34.95, and you'll be on your way to making six figures a year! Why wait Make money online now!!

The above quote by the scammer is a line which has gotten hundred and thousands of people. The sad part is it is still very effective today. So let me give you some basic heads up or common sense online money scam spotting techniques:
If someone knows how to make billions online, why do they need to be paid to get you started in making money, if they are 100% sure you will make money online, why not give you the package and when you begin to make money, by contract you will be obliged to pay them a percentage. That make sense, doesn't it?
  • If you are online seeking employment, why would you need to send someone 19.99 to begin working? Never pay to be hired!!

  • If you smell something fishy about the online offer, you probably need to sniff some more,you will uncover the truth about your venture.
  • Don't be fooled by long and attractive testimonials, those are fake and probably copied from some other scam sites.
  • The bottom line is, never spend money to be hired or buy any package which promises you millions in a month, it is absolutely a scam and all you will be doing instead of making money online is to lose money online.

in wrapping up, i can tell you from experience that you can make money online, but it is not a get rich quick scheme that many scammers tell you about in order to sucker you out of your hard earn cash. It will take patience, time, endurance and commitment. I always say making money online is like being married, you have to really love it to be in it!