Chrome Browsing Shortcuts

Google Chrome

 Chrome is a browser from Google. Millions of people use chrome to browse the internet daily. Here are some browsing shortcuts for chrome users which may come in handy.

Open up your chrome browser and navigate to a web page.
Then use the following shortcut keys:

F1 - Brings up help for chrome
F3 - Allows you to search for words within the websites current web page
F5 - Reloads or refreshes the active website
F6 - Highlights the website address for you to type in a new website. 
F11 - Brings you to full screen
F12 - Brings up the web pages elements. (Don't mess with this)
CTRL+T - New Tab. Allows you to have up multiple web addresses
CTRL+N - Brings up a totally new Chrome window
CTRL+J - Brings up downloads through Chrome
CTRL+P - Print web-page
CTRL+F - Find 
CTRL+SHIFT+Q - Exits Chrome
CTRL+S - Saves web-page as 
CTRL+SHIFT+DEL - Clears browsing data (cookies, history, etc)
SHIFT+ESC - Brings up Task Manager for chrome (Allows you to see all active apps in chrome)

ALT+SHIFT+I - Report a Chrome issue to Chrome.
CTRL+H - Brings up browsing History
CTRL +D bookmark the web-page in chrome
CTRL+SHIFT+D - Open Bookmarks
CTRL+SHIFT+B - Show Bookmark Bar
CTRL_SHIFT+O - Opens Bookmark Manager