Falling Asleep While Using Your Gadget May Harm You!

Tiredness takes us all doesn't it? Whenever we get tired we will know as our body begin to scream for rest. This rest comes in the form of getting some good sleep. But for many of us gadget sleepers who fall asleep and leave our gadgets to watch us, it can lead to disaster! Here is a list of gadgets we fall asleep using and the harm they may cause us.

Falling asleep In-front the Television
It is been long known worldwide that billions of people fall asleep in-front of their television everyday. They draw for huge chunks of chicken legs, popcorn, Pizza, ice-cream and cheese cake, tune into their favorite program and then the television set simply rocks them to sleep. But who knew how evil a TV can get? That's right, television sets are evil because once you fall asleep in-front of them they begin to watch you! The television simply tunes into your gadget loving soul and re programs every bit of your genetics turning you into a TV addict. Making you not want to release the remote control. If you notice yourself going to the bathroom, washing the car, making love, in a business meeting with the remote in your hand, you have just been programmed buddy. 

Falling asleep with your cellphone in hand
Too often too much. Millions of smartphone users fall asleep with the dreaded smartphone in their hands. The worst thing is that your smartphone has access to all social apps that are just too much to name. Your phone is linked to mossad, KGB, FBI, CIA, KFC and Chunky cheeses. Don't be surprised if you wake up seeing agents at your door with tear gas trying to flush you out after they receive a selfie of you with what looks like explosive devices tagged, Zzzzzzzz.

Falling asleep with your fingers on your laptop in your lap
I can tell you this my gadget sleeping friends, never fall sleep while using your laptop. I have known people who claim they were trying to meet deadlines and fell asleep with their email applications up, then instead of attaching the profit and loss chart to forward to the CEO, they attached a picture of last years Christmas party completely stoned and half nude. They were demoted to office janitor the next morning!

Falling asleep with your thumbs stuck on the game pad
Have you ever been playing a tough game and then have passed some extremely hard level, killed some bad ass bosses and about to reach that last golden coin, then just by a couple slips of the fingers you click delete profile just because your eyes were closing and you were fighting off the sleep just to finish the God darn level you just deleted? I can tell you this, this type of mistake turns many people into terrorist! My good gadget sleeping friend, never fall asleep with your thumbs stuck on that game pad!