Fixing Flash Drive Error - Flash Drive Needs To Be Format

Flash drives are very efficient, convenient but are not that safe for long term data storage. Flash drives are unpredictable when it comes on to going bad, sometimes it is common user fault why the flash drive is saying needs to be format. Here are the top reason why a good flash-drive suddenly tells you it needs formatting before use even though you have tonnes of file on it which you desperately need to access. 

1.The external hard drive suffers from sudden power outage when it is used to transfer files or something else;
2.The external hard drive is improperly pulled out or forced to pull out;
3.The external hard drive gets virus attack;
4.There are bad sectors in the external hard drive.

5. You had the flash drive against some strong magnetic object for long time period.

 When you get the message above as shown in the image. It is extremely important that you do not format your flash drive as this result in you loosing the data on that drive.

1. Click cancel and move to the next step
2. Scan your computer for Virus. If you computer results are "not infected" move to the next step. If your computer is infected, remove virus and then restart the computer, ensure that the flash drive is not inserted when you restart. If after restart and your flash drive is fine, then simply backup your data. If it still ask to be formatted, move to the next step.
3.If you have access to another computer, insert the drive into that computer. If the drive is readable, copy off all the files immediately to a safe location. 
4.Then on the computer that requested the drive to be formatted, ensure that the computer operating system has on all the latest updates by running a live update. 
5.If after you place the drive in another computer and it still ask to be formatted, then remove the drive and place it back into your computer and run the following command

1, Click search and type "CMD" and press Enter
2, At the command prompt type chkdsk /f n:
3, You must substitute n:drive for the letter your flash drive has. example g:, e: etc.

  • What this command does is look at your flash drive to find and fix errors on the volume. 
  • After chkdsk is completed. Remove the flash drive by right clicking the drive and click eject. 
  • Reinsert the drive to see if you are now able to read the contents of your flash drive
  • If the contents are readable, make a backup of your flash drive data
  • If you are still unable to read the contents of your flash drive, you may have to get a data recovery software to go further.  

Recover Data from Not Formatted Hard Drive.

When all effort fails and your flash drive is still insisting to being formatted. You can use this tool to help you recover your lost files. free MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Use this tool to pull data from you flash drive to a hard drive. Once you have completed your recovery, verify that all files recovered can be opened correctly. Then when you files are saved, format the flash drive and copy files back to the drive.