Getting The Right Wireless Technology For Your Business

Wireless Technology for Businesses
Wireless Technology for Businesses

 If you own and operate a medium to large business, there must exist in that organization a network of communication. Businesses exist to provide goods or services to people and other business, in the end a profit is made from those goods and services. Good business understand the importance of always having good quality technology at their disposal.  Technology which allows fast production and good quality communication. Organizations will hence invest heavily on wireless communication to keep their business going. But as a business owner, before jumping on the awesomeness of wireless technology, you should first have an expert look at your core functions, your development and production needs and then come up with the best wireless solution which fits your business module. With that said, I will illustrate and explain some of the current wireless technologies available today which many businesses are making use of.

M2M Wireless
M2M stands for Machine to Machine. It refers to a direct connection between two devices whether by wire or wireless. It can use any communication channel to access this direct connection.  Machine to machine communication can include industrial instrumentation, enabling a sensor or meter to communicate the data it records (such as temperature, inventory level, etc.) to application software that can use it (for example, adjusting an industrial process based on temperature or placing orders to replenish inventory). Such communication was originally accomplished by having a remote network of machines relay information back to a central hub for analysis, which would then be rerouted into a system like a personal computer. M2M wireless takes out all this routing of information and thus makes the process of streamlining critical business communication quite simple.

B2B Wireless
B2B stands for Business to Business Wireless

The difference with business and M2M is that one wireless connection is directly between two machines while the other is simply a wireless connection which connects all your business offices over the Wide Area Network. This is basically using a Wireless Link as your backbone for office communications.

The communication channels used for wireless technology

  • WiFi stands for wireless fidelity. It uses radio waves to allow devices to communicate. WiFi is the more common known and used of all the wireless technologies. It can be used to connect routers to computers as well as it can be used to directly connect two hardware components. 

  • If you have a cell phone, you are using "cellular technology". It is the technology which runs the mobile phone network. Cellular technology is having many small interconnected transmitters as opposed to one big one. The Cellular band commonly referred to as 1900 uses the frequencies 1850-1990. The other band is PCS which is the 800 MHz band uses frequencies in the 824-894 range.


  • Bluetooth is a short range wireless communication protocol among close network devices such as Laptops, Tablets etc. Bluetooth uses short radio waves to facilitate this type of communication.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy is basically the battery saver for the regular Bluetooth technology. It facilitates the same wireless communication over short distances but with an emphasis on saving battery power.  BLE is generally used in small devices such headphones, smart watches, small speakers etc. This gives longer battery life to your phone or any other Bluetooth transmitting device which is battery based.

  • From the name given to this wireless technology, you would believe that they say a bee buzzing the alphabet and transferring his buzzing wireless to other bees. But that is really not the case with this wacky wireless name. ZigBee is an open Global Standard and was designed specifically for Machine to Machines (M2M) networks. Businesses who seek Wireless Solutions find the ZigBee technology quite attractive as it does not require a lot of power to run, has a low duty cycle, and low latency which maximizes battery life and hence less expensive to facilitate. If you are worried about security with this Best business wireless network solution, ZigBee offers 128-bit AES encryption. Making it near impossible to hack. ZigBee may even become the new wireless standards in homes and and other personal spaces as it is great for connecting wireless devices to allow them to communicate with each other.

Symphony Link
  • No, It is not opera time. So don't fall asleep yet. If you want to connect all your wireless devices (IOT) to the cloud, this is the solution you can look at. 

  • Normally pronounced slow-pan,  is a low-power wireless mesh network where every node has its own IPv6 address, allowing it to connect directly to the Internet using open standards. From light bulbs to smoke detectors, each node carries an IPv6 address. Nodes typically require small amounts of memory and processing power, and can be implemented using a wireless micro-controller technology. 

Symphony Wireless Link

Always remember that the best thing today is to consult a qualified  Technology Experts to guide you on your Wireless communication choices as the choices your operations should determine the most suitable technology to use.  

Lower Power Wide Area Network


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