Google Alternative Serach Engine

Some may believe that website names are becoming more ridiculous the more advanced technology gets. But if you understand how the human mind works, you will realize that there is method to website name madness. One particular website or search engine to be exact is DuckDuckGo. No, it is really a search engine and not the newest sequel to king fu panda. DuckDuckGo is a search engine that is getting really popular on the internet right now. In this in-depth article, we will take a look at this search engine, it's features and relevancy in search results and how to have your blog or website indexed by DuckDuckGo. To many, it may be that Google Search alternative they have been looking for.

DuckDuckGo Settings

DuckDuckGo Settings

Once you click on the three horizontal bar in your duckduckgo browser, it will bring up your settings window. Here is where using duckduckgo gets interesting. You can modify the way how your search engine looks and feels. From various theme colors and fonts to a host of features you can turn on or off. The search engine comes equipped with very useful advance features which we will look at later. But the true test of any search engine is three things;
  1. relevancy of search results,
  2. speed at which the site crawls and offer up searches
  3. privacy of users searching.
But first, lets take a look at some of the features of DuckDuckGo.
You can change the way your search engine looks by just a couple click of the mouse. The image above shows the various color code for themes. You can select any of the theme buttons or select more themes to download to customize how your duckduck page looks.

 Duck Duck Go Settings

DuckDuckGo Advance Features

DuckDuckGo has some very useful advanced features.
Region Specific Searches
  • So where do you want your search results from? Kenya, America, Japan, united Kingdom. You can be specific about your search results by choosing this option. You will change your results from all results to a specific country.
  • If you are bilingual like myself, i speak English and broken English! you can choose which language you want your search engine to be in and of course, the language of the search results.
Safe Search
  • A good feature to have on especially if your kids do a lot of searching. It omits many adult content and spammy websites.
Instant Answers
  • Will automatically open relevant instant answers. So for example you search for, What is the Best Pet blog in the world? DuckDuckGo will simple bring up the relevant page.
Auto Load
  • This is a really cool feature from duckduckgo. When you search for an item, once you have looked through the first set of search result and may not find anything relevant to your needs, once you scroll down more search results are loaded. This means you do not have to continuously slicking page 1, page2, page3, etc.
  • The famous suggestion tool used by many other search engines. it will give you suggestion on your searches as you type. So if you are searching for a term "Cats that don't meow" By the time you type "cats that don't.." The search box will begin to load suggestive completed searches such as "cats that don't scratch, cats that don't shed, etc"
New Windows
  • Open your search results in a new window or load in current window
Keyboard Shortcut
  • There are relevant keyboard shortcuts available to use on DuckDuckGo Search Engine. You can either enable this feature if you are a keyboard junky or just continue using the trusty mouse.
Units Of Measure
  • Believe it or not, people still d like their measurements in pounds instead of metrics. Here is where duckduckgo gets pretty interesting too. You have the option of search results coming back in either metrics or pounds, feet or Fahrenheit.
Direction Source
  • Duckduckgo is really cool with this feature. You can choose whichever map you want to use for search directions. Currently they give you four; google maps, Bing Maps, Openstreet Maps and HERE maps.
Page Breaks
  • Allows you to show page numbers at the end of each result page.
Page Break lines
  • This is part of search organizing as it allows you to place horizontal lines at search result page breaks.
Browser Instructions
  • Simple feature which gives instructions to add duckduckgo to any browser you please.
Homepage Animation
  • Simple feature which allows animation on the search engines front page.

DuckDuckGo Appearance

Aside from choosing your search engine theme, you also have the option of modifying your appearance using the appearance tab. You can explore various fonts and font sizes and select whichever satisfies your viewing. You can choose to align your results in the center or leave the default alignment of results flushed to the left. Lets also spruce up your search results with some background color. What is your favorite color, green, blue, orange. It is your choice.

DuckDuckGo Apperance

Save Settings To Cloud.

Save Your Settings To The Cloud

You can save your settings to your local computer as well save duckduckgo search engine settings to the cloud. The benefits of this is that you can clear or reinstall your browser and retrieve your settings from duckduckgo cloud feature. One other benefit is that if you loose you computer or get a new computer, you can simple retrieve your search engine settings from duckduckgo cloud feature. You can also be in any country using any computer and retrieve these settings. So duckduck go allows you to simply customize, save and forget. Cool feature.

DuckDuck Go Privacy

This search engine claim to not share any personal information about you on the web. They do not collect and share any form of personal information, whether it be email account, or search pattern. You keep your browsing private.
When you access DuckDuckGo (or any Web site), your Web browser automatically sends information about your computer, e.g. your User agent and IP address.
Because this information could be used to link you to your searches, we do not log (store) it at all. This is a very unusual practice, but we feel it is an important step to protect your privacy.
DuckDuckGo Bang!

Banging DuckDuckGo!

What is duckduckgo banging? Bangs allow you to search on thousands of sites, directly. by simply adding an exclamation sign to your search, it will take you directly to to the site with the specific category or listing you are searching for. As an example, you can do a search for !amazon shoes. Instead of having search results listing, you will be directed straight to the shoe listing under amazon. They currently have over 8,000 bangs and those numbers are steadily increasing.

DuckDuckGo Search Results And Search Speed

The speed at which duckduckgo brings up results is in par or even better than some leading search engines. I searched for "Types of Dogs" and it returned 30 results in extremely good time. The relevancy of the keywords as it pertains to the search results were excellent. It reminded me of using another famous search engine.
Submitting Your Website To DuckDuckGo
  • Many persons have asked how they can get their website or blog indexed by this awesome search engine. Well, duck duck go does not offer any direct website submission. How duckduckgo indexes websites is by crawling the entire web and then collecting and listing sites found. You should also have your site indexed by Bing/Yahoo because duckduckgo is in partnership with yahoo and often time serves up search results from them.
DuckDuckGo Privacy


If you are looking for a good alternate search engine that is fast and give you top notch relevant search results, and allows you to customize your search results just about anyway you want to, You can be sure that duckduckgo will not disappoint. Try searching using DuckDuckGo today.