How To Backup and Restore Your Blog Posts In Blogger

I don't know about you, but if I was to loose a thousand high quality blog post I would still be pulling on my hair while cursing hashtags, at signs, dollar signs and exclamation marks. As a blogger, it is of the utmost importance that you always keep up-to-date backup of all your blog post. For those using the blogger platform, you can easily backup and restore your blog by doing the following:

1. Open up your blogger dashboard and select Settings - The window below should appear.

2. Select Backup Content Button - The Window Below should appear

3. Select the Save To Your Computer Button. A save box will appear and you can select the name to save the file as as well as where you want to save it. The important thing is to remember the location where you saved that backup. 

Now once you click OK, your file should be saved. This backup includes Blog post and comments too.

Restoring Your backup Post to another blog or to the same blog

1. You will need to locate the backup file first.
2. Select Import Content
 3.Select The Captcha Security "I am not a robot", the SELECT "Import from from Computer"

4. Select The Location where you saved the backup of your blog, Select the backup file, then Select Open. Your Blog post should now be uploaded and your content ready to be read by your massive followers!