How To Change or Upload a New Template in Blogger

Blogger is Google's free blogging platform. You can use blogger to create your own special blog to share to the world. Even though blogger as good SEO capabilities, one of the drawbacks is the limited and mediocre templates available for you to use. Many people who have used this free service realized that and many have either designed their own templates or simply download some of the many free ones available and install. Well if you have been blogging on blogger platform or you intend to start, here is how to change the blogger template in order to have a better looking and good SEO templates.
Yes, do you see that big warning sign above? That is just to give you a little heads up before you run into creating a mess for your blog. Some templates may require a little tweaking here and there in the HTML code. If you are not familiar with basic HTML programming I would not suggest you mess around with changing the template. If you are, well lets get to it.

1. Download Your Free Blogger Template
You must first have a blogger template to available before you can change anything. Here is a good site which will provide you with free blogger templates. Download templates Here.

2. Extract the contents of your downloaded file
The templates are normally downloaded as a compressed file. Once you have a file compression too such as winzip or winrar, you can easily uncompressed the file by:
  1. Right click the downloaded file
  2. Select extract to "the same name of the zipped or rar file.
    The file is then extracted as a folder withing the same loction you downloaded the compressed file
 3. Open up the Blogger Platform, Select The Blog you wish to change.

Many bloggers have more than one blogs so it is important to select the right blog for which you plan to make changes to the template.

4. Scroll down and select the Templates.

5. A new window should pop up which allows you to backup your original template settings.Select The Backup/Restore Button.

6. Backup Your Original Template - Select Download Template Button
This download template button is NOT the new template you are installing. What will happen is that once you click this "Download Template Button. It will allow you to save an .XML file of the original template in-case the one you are about to upload messes up your blog and you need to revert to the original template and settings.

7. Select The new template you downloaded and wish to install, Select Browse and look for the location on your computer you extracted the compressed file. Open the folder and then select the .XML file and then select open.

 8. Select upload to upload new template

 9. You blog will display the updates in the initial select Templates area on you blogger dashboard. The images below shows a basic blog I created to show the template being used before and the template I uploaded after.

How Blog looked before

How the Blog Looks After Template Upgrade

If you are not pleased with the new template you uploaded you can simply upload your backup of the original template or select from one of the many free blogger templates available for download.