How To Fix a Laptop Touchpad That Stops Working

Fix Laptop TouchPad
Fix Laptop TouchPad

 Many marvelous and head scratching things can happen when you are using your laptop computer. One of those head scratching things is the sudden malfunctioning of hardware on your computer. The laptop touch pad is what basically acts as a mouse for your laptop. It normally is a small rectangular area on your laptop with a left click and a right click button which operates the same as a desktop computer mouse. Occasionally, users will come to me and tell me that all of a sudden they were using the device and the touch-pad just stopped working. Well, there could be numerous reasons why the touch pad has stopped working and we will explore them all today. We will go to the Antarctica and back to the North Pole to figure this out. We will sail the deep blue sea, battle the kraken and defeat the Gods....okay, I may have gotten a bit carried away there. But lets get back to this laptop touch-pad issue.

You may need to acquire a computer mouse if you are not proficient with keyboard shortcuts for these troubleshooting steps.

Causes For Laptop Touch-pad To Fail

Step 1. Restart The Computer
Windows may have done a update in background.And depending on your update settings, have installed several updates while you were working in the foreground. Any one of these updates could have affected your touch-pad. The first thing you should do is restart the laptop for any updates to be properly installed. This restart may allow whatever application holding your touch-pad drivers to let go and allow use of the device. If this does not restore the touch-pad, move to step two.

Step 2. Uninstall and Reinstall Touchpad Drivers.
A driver can become corrupt on your laptop which will allow malfunctioning of attached devices. And yes, your Laptop touch-pad is an attached device. Follow the basic steps below to uninstall and reinstall the touch-pad drivers.

A. Type Device Manager in the Search Box. Click Device Manager

 B. Once Device Manger is opened, Navigate to Mice and Other pointing device. Expand the drop down arrow and select TouchPad.

Once Touch pad is selected, Right click and select uninstall.

 It will ask you if you confirm with uninstalling the TouchPad. Click OK. The drivers will now be uninstalled.

 You do not just want to simply uninstall and leave it like that. You are trying to get back your TouchPad to work. So you need to Reinstall the device. In Device Manager, Right click the name of your computer (Should be at the extreme top of Device Manager and select "Scan For Hardware Changes" This will scan for and install any missing piece of hardware discovered on your laptop, which includes the TouchPad you just uninstalled.

After the TouhPad has been reinstalled, Go ahead and test it's functionality if it has been restored. If not move on to Step 3.

Step 3. Remove Rogue Application & Rollback Windows Updates
You may have just installed a rogue software on your laptop which messes with you devices. People browsing on the net click on anything. Many do not even bother to read what the pop up message says and will simply click no or yes. Many click no and believe that no is an indication on not allowing something to happen. But suppose a rogue software was trying to install and the operating system pops up a message saying "Rogue software detected. Do you want to block this installation? Yes, No." Nine out of ten times the user will simply click "No" allowing that rogue software to be installed. If you have just allowed a software to be installed or allowed a Operating System update. You should rollback both pieces of software to see if that will fix your none responding TouchPad.

Step3.-A- Uninstall any new application
type "Programs and Features" in Search at the Task bar, Click Programs and Features
The programs and features Window should appear which will give you the option of uninstalling any previous software or rolling back a Windows update.
Select to filter by date to see the last program installed before your TouchPad began to malfunction.
Then select Select the Application to be Uninstalled and click Uninstall.
After the program has been uninstalled, you will need to restart windows. When windows has finished booting, Log in and test the TouchPad. If the TouchPad is not working, you may need to rollback the last windows update.

While in Programs and Features, select View Installed Updates over at the left pane.

 Select the latest windows update and roll them back one at a time. This may become time consuming if you had a lot of updates during that particular day. But it just may be one update that have messed up your computer system.

 Every update that you have uninstalled can be reinstalled so do not worry about that. You must however restart your Laptop after every update you uninstalled. If the Touchpad is working again. Good! If not Move to step 4.

Step 4. Have a Professional IT Guy Look at the device.
For any reason, the TouchPad may just have died on you because of faulty manufacturing or the ribbon which attaches the TouchPad to the mainboard has simply become loose and needs to be re-seated properly. I have seen this before in a couple Laptops which I have worked on where the TouchPad ribbon had become loose. Looks like the little people that lives on the circuit board in your Laptop decided to use that ribbon for sliding that day! But devices do go bad and when the do the only thing left to do is simply replace them.