How To Make Your Computer Not Go Into Sleep Mode

If you have Microsoft Windows installed on your Laptop or Desktop, you will have the option to adjust your power settings on your windows device. One of the options in your windows power options is to adjust the sleep mode of your computer. If your computer display turns off too quickly or your computer simply jumps into sleep mode too fast. The options I am about to show you will allow you to adjust when your computer goes to sleep. 

1. In Search, Type Power Options
2. Click power options

Click Change When The Computer Sleeps from the left pane.

There are several options available at your disposal here. In the left you will see the text,
  •  "Turn off the display" 
  • "Put the computer to sleep"
  • "Adjust plan brightness"

If you are using a laptop as I am, you will see "On battery or Plugged in"
On battery means that the power settings will only apply when you are running your laptop on battery only.
Plugged In will configure a different power settings when your laptop is using the charger.
To turn off sleep, simple click on the drop down box beside "Put the computer to sleep" and select Never
If you don't want your computer monitor display to turn off simply click the drop down box and select "never". Remember, Turn off display and Turn off Monitor is two entirely separate features. Turn off display does not physically turn off your computer monitor.

If you are using a desktop PC you will only see:

  • "turn off the display"
  • "Put the computer to sleep"

If you are using a desktop, click the drop down box beside "Put the computer to sleep and select "Never"
You can also set if you want to turn off the display or not by clicking the drop down arrow and also select "never"