How To Setup A Conference Call

If you have the need to chat to several persons at the same time, and those other persons to also be able to communicate with each other at the same time, you will need to setup a conference call. Conference call technology is basically a digital phone system device which can facilitate the conference call feature. Conference calls can be setup in various ways depending on the current needs. Conference calls can be setup so that the calling party will dial the other participants and directly add them to the call or participants can dial into the conference themselves by dialing a number which goes to what is called a conference bridge. This conference bridge is a piece of equipment designed to link several telephone lines.

Benefits of Setting up Conference Calls

  • Saves the company money.
How awful would it be that in order to meet someone to discuss a 20 minute process with several individuals that you may have to fly thousands of miles, stay in hotels just for that. All that cost can be avoided if you setup a conference call where all parties can sit at their own location and discuss the matter. Thus saving on gas, plane fair and room stay. Businesses love conference calls, as a matter of fact, some business do not see themselves operating in full potential without this service. They may use it to have regular meetings, or simply to communicate with employees who work in various regions.

Equipment Needed For Setting Up A Conference Call

  • Ensure that you have an active phone line
  • Dedicated Speaker Phone With Conferencing Features

Setting Up The Conference Call

  • provide participants with the date and time for your call, Dial-in Number and Access Code. 
  • At the scheduled time, all callers dial their local Dial-in Number and enter the Access Code followed by the pound/hash key(#)

 Setting Up Conference Calls Using Your Android Smartphone

  • Phone the first person.
  • After the call connects and you complete a few pleasantries, touch the Add Call icon. The Add Call icon is shown. ...
  • Dial the second person. ...
  • Touch the Merge or Merge Calls icon. ...
  • Touch the End Call icon to end the conference call.