Increase Your Windows 10 Wireless Internet Speed by Enabling Metered Connection

Windows 10 is the latest addition to the family of Microsoft Operating Systems for home and officer users. It is packed with high quality features which should allow the user to have a better desktop experience. However, many users have complained about taking out a brand new windows 10 computer out the box, hooking it up to a wireless internet connection at home or elsewhere but only to realize that this brand new computer with one of the best operating systems to date is browsing pretty slowly. Well the problem with that is a feature that is built into windows 8 and windows 10 Operating Systems called Metered Connection.

The Metered connection setting is basically a bandwidth analyzer and controller. Windows 10 can hog, chomp and digest bandwidth quite easily as many background internet connected activities will try to take place while you are trying to browse the internet resulting in slow browsing experience. Some of the applications that will use up your bandwidth in the background is Microsoft windows updates, windows peer to peer upload and download activities. These background bandwidth applications are activated once they recognize that your computer has an active internet connection. The Microsoft automatic update will then try to connect to Microsoft update sites and look for any relevant updates needed and then begin the download. While peer to peer applications will not only download, but will upload to other devices as well. These background activities all can happen while you are browsing the internet and will cause your bandwidth to become clustered eventually allowing you to have extremely slow browsing experience. Enabling Metered Connection will help to mitigate against this problem.

You should always enable Metered Connection in Windows 10 if you are connected using any of the following:
  • Satellite Internet Connections
  • Old Fashion Dial up
  • Using Your Smartphone as a Mobile Hot Spot
  • Home Wireless Internet Connection With Data Cap
 What Enabling Your Metered Connection in Windows 10 Actually Does?
I have explained why enabling metered connection in your windows 10 system actually helps boost your internet connection speed while browsing. But let me give you a granular look at what will happen when you enable this setting and what is actually affected by doing this.

Disables Windows Automatic Updates
  • When metered connection is on, it will disable any automatic windows updates so these updates will not hog your bandwidth while browsing. But you should also note that these windows updates are quite critical to smooth running of your system and many times provide critical patches that are discovered by Microsoft which could have created vulnerabilities for unscrupulous activities to be actioned by a hacker or virus on your system. I recommend that you set a time when you are not browsing to allow windows to download and install updates.
Disables Peer - Peer Downloads and Uploads
  • The good thing about activated metered connection is that it simply stops certain bandwidth activity without you having to going to each individual application to disallow internet connection from that app. If metered connection is not enabled, windows 10 is defaulted to actually share many updates with computers all over the globe. Yes, that is right. Windows 10 and good old Microsoft lets computers share updates using peer to peer technology, and this will definitely give you a decline in browsing speed.

Metered Connection Only Applies to Current Connected Wireless Connection

This is one important part of enabling your metered connection that you must bare in mind. When you enable this connection, it will only apply to that particular wireless network that you are currently connected to. So for example, let us say you enabled metered connection at your home on your wireless internet connection. If you go out at a coffee shop and they provide you with wireless internet access, you will have to enable metered connection for their wireless network also, because metered connection can only be activated on one wireless network at a time. But after you have enabled it once for the different wireless networks you had connected to. Windows will remember your settings and you will not have to go back and enable it again.


NOTE: Metered Connection In Windows 10 Does Not Apply To Wired Connection

Microsoft only allows metered connection to affect only wireless connections. So if your computer is plugged on directly to your modem at home or through a wired network connection at your office. Enabling or disabling meter connection as no effect on those types of connection.

 Let us go through the quick and easy steps of enabling Metered Connection on your Windows 10 Device by following the activity below.

1. Click The Start Icon and Then Click Settings

Enabling Metered Connection Windows 10

The start icon in windows 10 is actually the four little boxes you see in the far left lower corner of your desktop.

2. Click Network and Internet Settings

 Enabling Metered Connection in Windows 10

 3. Select WiFi and Ensure WiFi is Set To On

 Enable Metered Connection in Windows 10

 4. Select Advance Options

 Enabling Metered Connection Windows 10


Why You May Not See a Metered Connection Option After Selecting Advance

A metered connection option will only be presented to you after you click advance option only if you are currently connected to a wireless network. You can't enable or disable a metered connection if Windows is not connected to a wireless network, the operating system will simply see no connection available to make any form of adjustments to. The image below will be shown to you if you click the advance option while not connected to a wireless network.

Not Connected to a Wireless Network Will Show No Metered Connection option.

 Enabling Metered Connection In Windows 10

 Metered Connection Option.

If you are connected to a wireless network, you will see the Metered connection option available to you. The connection by default it is set to off by Windows. You will therefore need to enable Metered Connection by using your mouse to toggle to on position. See image below.

5. Metered Connection Defaults To Off

 Windows 10 Metered Connection Set To Off

 You Now Have a Better Browsing Experience

Now that you have enabled the metered technology in windows 10, you should see direct improvement in browsing and you will no longer experience a downgrade in bandwidth usage while online caused by background applications trying to connect to the internet or Microsoft huge updates being downloaded.















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