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The world of information technology is a very huge dark place, picture star wars Dark Vader! There are so many things to learn, so many things to solve, so many gadgets to figure out. But the good ole techie geek finds this all interesting and would not have it any other way. But the vast majority of people who have to deal with the world of Information technology wished that they had a Tech Guy right there folded inside his/her wallet or purse. That way when they meet certain technological roadblocks they can just pull out their Tech Guy, have the situation resolved and carry one with their day. But the truth is that Tech Guys can't be folded and placed inside your wallets, well not yet at least. But the good thing is that there are other alternatives to having your Tech Guy in your pocket and that is to have the IT Help Desk Online support available to you twenty four sevens. So what is this IT Help Desk Online Support? Let's find out together.

Help Desk Support

Persons who need constant IT support will normally subscribe to a online help desk support system via a website. That help desk support is basically a website with a special piece of software at the back end which you can log into and speak with an online representative. Depending on the nature of your problem, it can either be solved right there and then online or a physical IT support Guy may have to pay you a visit. Once you log a problem a ticket is generated for you to keep track of the issue.

Here is an example of how a typical Help Desk Application Works

  1. The user logs on to the help desk site screaming that her Laptop is slow. A ticket request is basically generated and submitted to help-desk by the frustrated user.
  2. A technician or Help desk Support agent picks up that tickets and talks to the user.
  3. Once the issue is resolved, the Technician closes the ticket
  4. Optionally - the ticket is posted to the knowledge-base.
  5. The User is left a satisfied customer

  • That's just about it. Once you have that help desk support team a phone call or click away you definitely wont miss having that IT Guy in your wallet.