Living Without The Remote Controller

The Remote Control

Remote Control
One of the best gadgets ever invented was the remote control. There is not much people who can disagree that the remote control is probably the second most loved gadget after the smart phone. This simple little device has paved the way for easier control of much larger and sophisticated electronic devices. The remote control has integrated into our genetics and makes it quite difficult to actually function without when trying to complete certain task. Many brilliant individuals have created a vast amount of electronic devices that we as consumer may use daily that have been integrated with the remote control, devices such as the Radio, Television, Car Alarm systems and much more. Things that we actually use on regular basis. Lets delve a little further into the remote control and see just where this little but useful device will be in the near future.

How The Remote Control Works

Consumers use a lot of electronic devices that help them to make their task easier, to produce efficiency in output or just for pleasurable purposes. But how many consumers actually stop for a moment to actually ask themselves the question of how does the device they use actually work? Some may say it's not their job to figure out how electronics work while some will do a quick research on the device they are using. Well, the remote control is actually a very simple device. It is quite easy to use as even a toddler can be trained in using it. The remote control normally comes with a couple of buttons which are standard on all remote controls. We are not just talking about television remote control, but remote control in general.
Common remote controls are consumer Infrared devices which send digitally coded pulses of infrared radiation to control functions such as power, volume, tuning, temperature set point, fan speed, or other features. But there are much more advanced remote control devices such as those that control drones, space crafts and other complex electronic devices. Of course,these remote control devices work differently and do not use infrared, instead they use frequency coded bands to send and receive signals

Common Consumer Electronics That We Just Can't Manage To Use Without The Remote Control

If you really want to know how important the remote control is, simply misplace it and try to operate any one of these devices. It would be like a poet trying to understand quantum physics.
The Television
  • There is just no operating the television set without the remote control, that's just unheard of. Consumers have gotten so lazy that they don't realize that they have become too dependent on the remote control to do everything on the television. I am sure many persons may can attest to losing the television remote and gets so frustrated and frantic that they cannot turn on the television set. They turn the house upside down in and out, walk pass the television a thousand times to find the remote to turn on the television and actually don't realize that the television set comes with its own power on button, channel, configuration and volume buttons. A television without a remote is like a little boy trying to be a man, it just wont work. One of the main reason why a television is married to the remote control is the vast amount of channels available and consumer attention span. It would be very difficult to navigate hundreds of channel by using only the television buttons. There are even some configuration features on some television which can only be accessed by using the remote control. A television life without the remote control would be a deep step back in history closer to the stone age.
Air Conditioner
  • If you have a split unit installed you would know how important it is to always have a A/C working remote. It can be quite a task to just simply powering on these units without having the remote. As a matter of fact, some of these units are built solely to operate with a remote control. When it comes on to temperature control or timing, the air condition is lifeless without the remote.
  • The remote control is very useful when it comes on to stereo operations. Most new stereo systems comes compact with many features. Features which can be used to enhance the sound quality and type as well as task features such as selecting a music source such as DVD or flash drive. Even though the remote control is not as critical to the radio as it is with the television, it makes its operation quite easier also.

The Remote Control Lawn Mower

So for many of you who saw this headline and never knew remote control lawn mowers exist, they do. As a matter of fact, remotely controlling the lawn mower may have been the best idea yet. Lets look at it. You are a single mom who has a yard and has no time to cut the lawn. You either have to hire someone to cut the yard or go fire up that old mower, mix a huge jug of lemonade and masquerade as a Mexican in a sombrero to deflect the scorching sun. You would have to be pulling and pushing all day to get that lawn cut, Now if you had a remote control lawn mower you could easily either sit under a shaded tree outside and cut your lawn, or simple stay inside under the air condition and cut your yard as long as you have a clear view of the device and yard. You will not have to do all that pushing and pulling and you can avoid that scorching sun.
Now the men who have to cut the yard will also find this remote control lawn mower quite useful. So you tell your wife that you will be cutting the yard and it will be pretty intensive as you have to stop and rest and do all that. Now you can be sitting while having a cold beverage and easily cut the yard. There is so much reason to own a remote control lawn mower.

The Remote Control Bed

So now we have hopped into the bed and sleep era of the remote control. So i guess you may have heard about the sleep number system that bedding companies have implemented to allow your best sleep comfort. You can use the remote control of your sleep number bed to:
  • Raise the head of your bed to read, watch TV or sleep in ideal comfort
  • Adjust your bed's firmness and elevation at the simple touch of a button
They may even integrate that bed remote into a universal remote so you can use your same bedding remote to turn control other equipment.

Remote Control Computer

So you are one of those persons who have a huge Monitor attached to a wall somewhere in your house, bedroom or home office. You will definitely need a remote keyboard and mouse. You will hear the term wireless keyboard and mouse, but what you have actually done is to be controlling the local operations of your computer remotely by using a wireless keyboard and mouse. Remote computing is also described as you being in a different location than you computer and you are able to access and use the system in the same way as if you had logged on locally. But we are not talking about remote access, we are talking about remote control. So now you have turned your keyboard and mouse into remote controls and can kick back on your bed as a lazy blogger and operate your computer. You don't have to worry about all those cords tangling up and you can move about freely within that area while gathering thoughts to add to your next blog post or build that master tweet which will give you a million re-tweets.

Remote Control Vacuum (Robot Vacuum)

OK, so who loves to clean? Let's look at the question asked in detail. I am sure 99% of the people who have to clean their homes regularly would love to find a much easier way to do so than spending half a day dusting, wiping and vacuuming. Everyone wants a clean home but no one wants to do the cleaning. So here comes the remote control vacuum cleaner, ready to walk the whole carpet in the blink of an eye while you sit in the lazy couch with the remote eating nachos. No, don't open your eyes any wider. Yes! there are sophisticated remote control vacuums which could make cleaning as easy as A,B,C. Take for instance the Roomba Vacuum. Roomba is a robot vacuum which  can clean your floor without doing blind bumps into furniture and getting stuck. The Roomba has excellent navigation, compounded by good cleaning power and high sensibility as it relates to navigation when cleaning. So for all you lazy cleaners out there who just wants to click the remote and go, checkout Roomba.

Remote control Cars

If you are as old as i am, long before clock existed and the only way to tell an hour was with a sand hourglass, you would no that when toy cars were made. Remote control was nowhere in mind. As a matter of fact the first set of toy cars were simple push and pull. Fast forward to the present and you find that all toy cars are remote enable unless you are doing a collection of cars you will get them in a much more collector friendly size and color. Remote control cars, trucks, trailers and buses are available right off the toy shelves ready to be enjoyed by mostly young boys. Remote control toy cars are very exciting to drive and if crashed you don't have to worry about injury or insurance.

The Remote Control Wife

Sorry guys, this one isn't fully built yet. But there are prototypes being developed as we speak. The remote control wife is your regular sweet, loving and many times annoying angel that you have sworn to eternal love, till death do you part. But i am sure many times we wished that they actually came with a remote that had special buttons such as "get me a beer, make me a sandwich, and stop annoying me about cutting the yard button. But unfortunately scientist has not completed and working models. But have hope guys, have hope.

The remote control is here to stay and in time will be improved upon. It has made our lives simple and with new ideas comes new innovations. Lets give a big cheer to the remote control.