Repair Bad Operating System Files With System File Check Command

If you have a version of Windows on your computer and you suspect that some operating system files may have been damaged, got corrupted by third party applications or Virus, you can do a full system check of the Operating system files and windows will automatically find those bad files and remove them. So here is what you will need

1. Administrative Login to The Computer
2. The Operating System DVD

Place the operating System Disk into the drive.
Cancel any auto-play displayed on your screen from the disk
Go to the START icon in Windows 7and type in CMD and hit Enter Key

The Command prompt window should be open 
Type the command SFC.EXE /SCANNOW and Press ENTER

The command will begin to scan Your computer operating system files. Once any anomalies are found it will read the Operating System DVD and try to replace those anomalies with good operating system files.