The Extinction of Desktop Computers

Computer Devices
 There have been so many advances in the world of technology. Every piece of device is either smaller, smarter or faster. The desktop computer has sold to billions of homes worldwide and continue to do so, but trends have shown a dramatic decline in the use of desktop computers as much smaller and sleeker devices are the preferred solutions for many consumers. Here are a couple of devices that have replaced the need for having a desktop computer.

1. Tablet PC
2. Laptop
3. Smartphone

With the tablet PC now becoming the preferred choice of many executives and the new powerful notebooks which packs just the same power as having a desktop PC. These devices also come with great advantages over the desktop computer which may see the desktop computer lining up beside the dinosaurs.

Pros of Having a Laptop Over a Desktop

Laptops come in as the mid range machine between the tablet and the desktop PC.  They are smaller than the desktop and Larger than the Tablets, which make them that ideal computing device.

1. Size: If you have ever tried to pack a desktop computer in your backpack to go out you would realize how inconvenient this is. Laptops are light and much smaller than a desktop computer because it lacks the bulky shell and both monitor, mouse, keyboard, camera are all integrated into one flat device.  well, this is one of the biggest advantages laptops when compared to desktops. While desktops are difficult to move, they offer almost similar functionality. Traveling with them is highly impractical.

2. Provide Same or Better Technology
Laptops are not the weak fence of computing anymore. They pack the same robust functionality as many desktop computers or more. they go pound for pound in processing speeds and gaming. Not much difference is seen when it comes onto the technology which both devices use.

3. Portability
Many laptops are very lightweight and can easily travel with you anywhere you go. All you do is close the lid, slide it in your backpack and that's it.

4. Own backup Power: If this doesn't take the cake, nothing will. It is like walking with your own UPS. Laptops come equipped with a power adapter and a battery which stores power. So lights out means lights on for your laptop computer.

Pros of Desktop Computer

  • If you are into pimping your computer, then a desktop is more likely your choice of computer. Desktops are not signed and sealed as with laptops. You can add various component easily to a desktop computer. You can implement physical RAID technology and install many other components to enhance your desktop computer. 
  • Parts that go bad in your Desktop Computer are easy to replace. You can easily swap parts and update its components. Whereas laptops don't offer much customization.
  •  Desktop computers are cheaper. Technology is becoming cheaper, the price between the two; Laptop and desktop computer are beginning to even out.  But still laptops happen to be pricier. The reason for this is because the disparity in size. The smaller components, the costlier they are to manufacture. But you can still find easy on the pocket laptops with lower-end specifications.

Tablet Computers

One of the major benefits of tablets is its lightweight and portability. Tablets have really evolved in the technological arena as many high end tablets sport high memory and terrific processing power. They however still for short of both laptops and desktops in this arena. When tablets first came in, they were really not made for productivity applications such as auto-cad, office suites etc. They were lightweight computers developed for internet browsing, email reading, eBook reading and light gaming. But as many enterprise giants such as Samsung and Microsoft have come up with good quality tablet PC's which are giving laptops a good run for their money.

So what will your next computer purchase be? Which do you think will suite your needs best? Are you going Tablet, Laptop or Desktop? Let me know.