Never Lose Computer Data Again - Backup and Restore

Data Recovery
Data Recovery
 I have one thing to say! Backup, Backup, Backup. Wait, that was actually three things, but it is the same word right? There are much more worse things in life than catching your spouse in bed with the last reeses peanut butter cups. You can actually lose all your computer data. If loosing data does not scare the Pajamas off of you nothing will. As long as a sky is still above our heads you can be sure that someone will lose their data.

How do You Lose Data

1, Malware
Too many to mention, it would have taken up all the internet space to tell you the various malware out there which can cause you to loose valuable data. Malwares do not just make themselves, they are created by hackers who seek to gain access to your computer to try and steal your personal information. Malware can delete all your data as well as make that data corrupt and hence unusable. At some high risk facilities, certain data is worth millions of dollars and hackers try to break into these systems to steal the information to sell. To tackle malware you must take great precaution online. You must first ensure that your computer is protected by a Internet Security Application. These applications have safe browsing, Where they can inform you if a website is bad and recommend you block that site. They come with firewall and antivirus with real time protection, blocking any antivirus or malware which is triggered.

2. Mistakenly Deleted The Data
Yes, people still do delete their data by mistake. The good thing is that it may have just gone to the recycle bin instead of permanently deleting it. But the recycle bin will purge itself after a set time to make way for additional files being deleted. If you have mistakenly deleted your file, you can restore it from the recycle bin. But that is just for common files, if you delete data from database then the approach for retrieval may be much more complicated.

3. Hard Drive Failure
One of the more common ways many people loose their data is when the physical drive becomes unreadable.  Hard drives, Flash drives, Optical disk all have two things in common. They store data long term and can become unreadable. Many IT administrators have had sleepless nights over bad hard drive because they have no backups. Sometimes the hard drive may have a bad circuit or a couple bad sectors on it. There are commands which can be used to run against the hard drive to either try to restore the data to another media or fix the issue. But many times the hard drives have died a very bad death and data is lost in hard drive heaven forever. This stresses on the importance of backups.

4. Natural Disaster
One of natures gifts to man. Whether it be hurricane, fire, exploding volcano, Forrest fire, it can cause you to loose data. Some natural disasters happen in the blink of an eye like a earthquake. But for others like hurricanes or Forrest fire, you have enough time to ensure that any data you have is backed-up and placed in a secure place free from fire or water damage.

5. Theft
I have repeated this so often I sound like a parrot who is never fed a cracker. But despite the constant warning, people still leave their laptops in their cars right where it can easily be seen by some one who believes they have the right to break into other people's property to steal other people's property. Many people who never practice any form of backup end up loosing their data this way. Thieves break into your home or car and steal your laptop or tablet with all you precious data.

Best Methods To Recover Lost Data

  • There is no better method. As a regular user, your best bet to prevent you loosing precious information is to simply backup your data. Backup has evolved over the years and you now have many different ways to backup. You can backup to the "cloud", backup on an external drive, backup to a Network attached Storage Device. There are pros and cons in choosing the different mediums. But as long as you have good backup of all your important data, you are good to go. 

Data Recovery Service
  • There are many companies which offer the service of data recovery. From simple user files to enterprise needs. Many of these companies will provide you with trial versions of their data recovery applications. These software will give you a trial version by download with either limited functions or full function with limited countdown days. Many data recovery service will only do in house recovery. This means you have to bring in the equipment manually. Depending on the complexity and severity of lost files, data recovery can become a bit expensive.

Data Loss Prevention

There is no full proof way which can guarantee that you may not lose data. But preparing for data lose is the key to actually not losing data. Preparation means to ensure that your computer is in a safe and operable environment. Preparation means that your data is being backup regularly and that backup is not kept at one location. (backup local and backup to the cloud).  Preparation means that when you are online, your computer is as secure as it can be. Security may include but not limited to:

1. Antivirus
Scans and removes malicious software.

2. Firewall
Blocks unauthorized traffic to your computer

3. Web Shield
Blocks malicious websites

4. Data Encryption
Makes your data useless to hackers
If you have lost data, I feel your pain. If you have backup then all next to do is to restore. If you have no backup at hand, your best bet is to find a data recovery software which may be able to help retrieve some files.