Top 10 Internet Niches

Web Searches

One thing for sure is that the internet is a buzz with all types of activity. From live streaming of music and movies, to article writing and reading, to online game playing and much more. But many people who land on a web page of their choice normally does a web search to find the particle site which is of interest to them. There are billions of web searches done daily, some are common web searches while some are pretty odd. But out of those billions of searches, there are just some which always out number others. So here is the list of things people search for most.

1. Pornography

With all the fuss over religion going on now you would think that the moral of earth beings have gone up. But think again! Pornographic searches are on top when it comes down to what people mostly use the net to search for. And guess what? It isn't trending down either. As you read this article, millions of porn seekers are logging on or have logged on to the internet either to access free pornographic material or to pay for pornographic material. online porn is one of the biggest money making niche on the internet.

2. Games

Who doesn't like to play a few good games now and then? There are millions of monthly searches as it relates to the game category. People search for everything to do with games. Some popular terms are "free games download", "best online games", "game cheats", "game mods" and "walkthroughs". A very popular niche, not as popular as porn but it carries a significant amount of internet search weight. Online gaming is extremely popular and users log on daily to enter into their alter egos (online fictitious character) to enjoy the cyber world.

3. Recipes

So which meal do you want to prepare today? Do you want to know how to make egg fried rice? Or do you prefer a nice and simple grilled duck recipe? What ever recipe you want you can be sure to find it on the internet. People love to eat and many people love to cook and try different style of cooking. These different style of cooking calls for different recipes. Recipes that are easily pulled from the millions of web searches. This niche is quite saturated and only the best of the best will pull up on top of the water when people do searches for their recipe.

4. Pets

With an average of around 80 million dog owners and 70 million cat owners, the internet is booming with searches regarding pets. People love pets and seek the best care for their pets. The internet booms with search terms such as ; pet care, dog training, best pet foods, dog toys, cat food, love dogs, cat care, etc. There are millions of pet blogs online that gets thousands of views daily, signalling the Internets love for pets. Pets have a very high impact on social media too as some pets have become quite famous on various pages and has garnered millions of followers and searches.

5. Health

Health owns the internet. This is such a broad niche, the monthly searches are just phenomenal. People globally take their health very serious and do a lot of web searches for ways to enhance their health or curing ailments. Health also takes a slice out of the food searches as diet is also part of the health search. Exercise and fitness also falls under this huge niche. Name me one person who has never looked up anything to do with health and I will show you a dead person. From medications to natural remedies, you can be sure that the search engines are a buzz with health searches.

6. Relationship

The internet is a tsunami of broken hearts and people trying to find true love. There are millions of people who seek relationship advice daily and millions of people who are trying to find their net-mate online. Who says love is not technologically driven? Almost anyone can be beautiful online, run the 100 meter in record breaking time and scaled the highest mountain in the world. What is you love portfolio online?

7. Celebrity Scoop

I have no idea why people are so hell bent into finding out what Justin Beiber had for breakfast this morning, but there are millions of people who just can't get enough of their favorite celebrities. The web searches for actors, singers, models and of course their favorite sports personality. The dark side about these millions of monthly web searches on celebrities are that many who search are stalkers.

8. News

There are so much happening in the world as we speak and everyone should know what is happening. The internet is a great place to read and watch the latest news and other informative videos which can give us real incite into what our sneaky and cult like governments are up to.

9. Finance

Show me the money so i can get out of debt. Web searches on topics related to finance are enormous. From person seeking how to make money online, persons seeking to sell their structured settlement, getting involved in good investment to mortgage loans. Finance is one of the more serious topics as our finances can build us if we invest properly and make the right decisions or it can break us badly if we make poor decisions.

10. Traveling And Places

This is a next huge web search topic. Millions of people travel daily across the entire globe. They travel for business purposes, exploration, educational purposes, and recreational activities (vacations) Travel web searches will incorporate accommodation which is directly tied into travel. unless you are on a cruise ship or staying at your pal or families home, you will have to find the right accommodation for your travels.