Using Google Assistant

Google Assistant
Google Assistant

From Google Now to Google Assistant. The Big G has done it again, they have introduces another piece if great Artificial Intelligence. So what exactly is Google Assistant? Well, I will break it down to the street level so people who lack understanding of technological jargon can really have an appreciation of this technology. In the streets there is this "go to guy," He is the guy with all the links, all the connections, if you need to know what happened in the club last night he can tell you, if you need to know who made it happen he can tell you, if you need to know what time it happened he can tell you. The "go to guy" is basically the streets assistant. Anything you want to know, he has the answers. Well, Google Assistant is like that "go to guy." The difference is that Google Assistant is much more smarter and can reach anywhere to give you information.

Google Assistant is like having your own Google Search, and digital assistant all in one. Whether you want to book a reservation, find all the restaurants on a particular rout, of be reminded of any appointments, you can be sure of Google Assistant. So what would be a typical question you would ask your digital assistant? Let's take a look:

  1. What is the weather like today in New York?
  2. Who scored the winning goal in 1998 World Cup?
  3. How long does it take to make coffee?
  4. Who is the shortest man alive?
  5. Are fairies real?
These questions are not even the tip of the iceberg, Google Assistant as garnered over 70 Billion facts from all over the planet. (70 Billion...I don't even know 10!)

Tell Google Assistant To Do Things

Who else wants this personal digital slave to carry out all your every wish. You can tell google assistant to do stuff, that's right. But don't go thinking the dishes will be done for you or the trash being taken out by Google Assistant. You can tell your digital companion to play jazz on the living room speakers or dim the lights through Google Home. Make a reservation, set a reminder or send a message with the help of your Assistant on Pixel.

Your Assistant works with your favorite stuff, too.

Your Google Assistant continues to learn over time, working with your favorite services and home devices. Shuffle your chill playlist on your phone. Stream videos to your TV, dim the lights or turn down the heat with the help of your Assistant on Google Home.