Using Windows 10 Creepy Cortana

Windows 10 Demonic Cortana
Windows 10 Demonic Cortana

When you are setting up or installing windows 10 for the first time, after it goes through and installation is completed. Windows will introduce you to you new windows help assistant called CORTANA! Sounds evil right? A good name for a seductive demon. Cortana is nothing new when it comes on to Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cortana is The Demon within the Halo story line, She is suppose to be this very intelligent and unique AI that was made of schematics from Dr Halsey that were based off herself. That's right folks, Windows has placed a demon from Halo unto your computers which many men will just be seduced by.

So What Does Cortana Do In Windows 10

So what does this "cortana" actually do? Well for starters, here are some things that Microsoft allows Cortana to help you with Windows 10 Cortana is what every geek or professional person dreams of. If you lost it, Cortana will find it. Here are some of the things Microsoft little handy demon does:
  • Use Cortana often and she will begin to think about what you want and personalize your windows 10 experience just for you.
  • What ever you have lost in the everlasting directory hierarchy of windows 10 she will find it. If for some reason you lost a file and just don't remember where that file is located in windows, just ask Cortana to fetch the file by name and she will scrub your drive and return with your lost file.
  • Cortana is able to track packages
  • Manage Your Calendar
    How is your busy schedule? Do you have time to go watch Usain Bolt Win another race? Have you got tea with the queen today? Don't worry, Cortana will manage and remind you prior to those important meetings.
  • Chat with You And Try Her Hand At Comedy
    If you are one of those madly in love with myself and my new windows PC, then you will love this little demon called cortana Microsoft has given you. She will hold some pretty decent conversation with you and guess what she has that may just give her the upper hand over most broads? She is funny, she actually tells jokes. So even though Microsoft is sucking away at your soul, at least you will go to hell happy!
Cortana is quite easy to use, but don't believe because she is easy to use, she is an easy girl. To get started using Cortana you will need to type a question in the task bar or you could attach mic and talk to the girl. It is as simple as that, and from there watch ow your relationship with cortana will blossom and bloom. Then she will drag you straight to hell.
Windows 10 Cortana
Windows 10 Cortana

Talking To Cortana - Cortana Features

Make sure you have a mic in front of you and not that itsy bitsy one than pins on your shier when you begin to speak to Cortana. You don't want your boss passing by and thinking that the work has driven you mad and next thing you know you are being injected in the neck and placed in a mad house. So what can you say to the AI Cortana, lets take a look.
  • How many calories are in a fried chicken breast?
  • Tell Me a Joke?
  • Put Fencing on my calendar for tomorrow
  • What's happening on the stock results
  • Is my lover a cheater?....Ok, don't push your luck with this one!
One of the cool features of Cortana is that she loves to remind you of stuff. All you have to do is say hey Cortana, remind me of what i did with the body again? Well, i am sure you don't want not even an AI to know where the body is, but you can set simple reminders on Cortana.
example: Say or type, "Cortana, remind me to pick up my sun at 2:30 PM from swimming" Cortana will not allow you to leave your son out in the ocean kicking sharks and battling waves, you will be reminded to go get him. You don't even have to be on you PC to be reminded of your reminder! Once you have a windows phone and you have signed in using the same Microsoft account, all reminders will be automatically synced on that device. Cool right?


She is a nice little demon helper who will keep you on your toes when it comes on to help and assistance. Based upon the level of AI which Microsoft has built into Cortana, she was probably designed to get rid of many administrative assistance who spend most of their time filing down their nails. The features Packed in Cortana makes it easy for professionals to be on ball for appointments and it provides clean scheduling. One draw back is that Microsoft has limited the use of this feature to certain countries or regions, and not all features of Cortana is available in all regions. Hey, if the demon doesn't work for you you can still use the good old search.