Using Windows Free Snipping Tool to Capture Images

If you have not found out yet, there is a handy tool in windows accessories called the snipping tool. The snipping tool as the name suggest allows you to capture any piece or the entire image of any application on your computer. Suppose you are working on a manual and needed a piece of an image to highlight the use of a particular item. The windows snippet tool is capable of doing that. Let's look at how to access the snippet tool in windows and how to use it to snip and save those snips as images.

How To Open Snippet

  1. Click Start Icon
  2. Click Accessories
  3. Click Snippet


How To Snip an Image

  1. Click New
  2. Then Drag the cursor around the area you want to snip
  3. Snippet will capture your image
  4. Save the image
You can now snip any item or image you want and save it to your computer.