What Is KeyLogger and How To Get Rid Of It

Blocking KeyLogger
Blocking Keyloggers

 If the word keylogger seems new to you, what may come to your mind is probably you visiting a venue that says "No Keys Allowed" and you have to leave them with the key logging receptionist. Well, that may be a silly gesture but I can assure you that keyloggers in the world of technology is very serious. A keylogger is a piece of software which will sit on your computer and record when various keys are pressed in certain applications. Let us look at the simple example of logging into your email account.

Once the keylogger senses that you have activated the email website. It begins to listen for any keyboard activities while you are on that site.  A keylogger software can steal your password and conversations. These malicious software can get on your computer if you visit certain sites which are known for malware. It could be bundled inside a free game or program. Or you get a fake windows update pop up telling you your computer is slow and this update could fix it when the fake update is a virus or keylogger software. You may often find this keylogger virus even being sold as commercial software. Yes, people do by keylogger software to spy on their children's internet activity as well as if they suspect their spouse is cheating. They will install this hard to detect application to catch that cheating spouse.

How to detect:
User may have to venture into Task Manager. Click search and type Task Manager. Open Task Manager. The task manager is a tool which displays a list of all applications currently active in memory or running on your computer. In task-manager, select show process from all users. This will allow you to see all activity in Task Manager. Go to process tab and you will get information on visible and invisible active programs.

How To Remove Keyloggers
  • Update your Antivirus Software and do a full system scan
  • Install a specific software which finds and deletes keyloggers
  • Manually find the file and delete it. (This option maybe for expert users as many times you will have to edit your registry
  • Ensure that you have a antivirus with web shield protection which can tell you if a site is Malicious 
  • Keep Your Antivirus Updated