Installing Windows 10 On Your New PC

Tired of Windows 7 or 8 or even 8.1. Now find the free Windows 10 installation OS guide completely free. Here the new installation guide brings all data, applications and system settings from older OS to all on one base. This adversely affects performance.
So that means it is a new windows! Yes of course... Now the clean installation of Windows 10 provides free access to Windows 10. Sounds Interesting........
Have a Windows 10 OS, then just maneuver through these:
  • Jump to Windows 10 Start Menu,
  • Click on Settings option.
  • Update and skim the security page---Click on Recovery, then under RESET this PC and then get started.
  • Select the option to Remove Everything.
  • Keeping your profile intact.Files to be either entered or chosen Alternatively.
  • A sure Note:----"The Restore factory settings is available or found in certain machines and would reinstall the Original Windows System after you had bought it."
  • A remove option is presented as Just Remove My Files or Remove Files and clean the drive is popped up. If you would like to personalize or keep the computer to yourself, pick/tick the first option.
  • Pick on the Reset Button for choosing an option. Now click on Okay.
  • The system would either restart or beep in as needed within the time slot allotted. This could be a half an hour, 10 minutes or even less than a second. Largely depended on the speed and performance of the system.
  • Thus after this process, the system would have installed Windows 10 afresh.
  • Kindly note:- "Resetting the system" would "rollback the system to its previous Windows status."
However, the detailed analysis of steps for Windows 10 easy installation on the Windows 7 or 8 or even 8.1 can be elaborated as under:
Tips for Windows 7/8 Machines/ Terminals
Upgrading the Windows 8 option would avoid stressful results on your system. Instead, have a Windows 10 Installation Media Kit. A USB Flash drive would be handy since its compatible with all systems. A drive more than 3 GB or more would be ideal.
Steps for Windows 7/8
  • Easy download of media creation tools from Microsoft of 32 bit versions and 64 bit versions available. The versions may cause which tools to use. If not sure of which version is running, advise to the following would be informative. Here's the optional tip.: note ( One that's compatible with your system.)
  • Run the downloaded tool. Select Create Installation Media for another PC and Click Next.
  • Tick on the Language, Edition and Architecture for Windows 10 .
  • Click on Next.
NOTE: Windows 10 Home is for terminals running on Windows 7/8.
  • License fee would be charged for upgrading the Home Version of Windows to Windows 10 Pro.
  • N version of Windows 10 specific for European Markets.
  • N Version does not include Windows Media Player.
  • Selecting the Installation Media for 32 and 64bit Windows 10 would need a thumb drive of 6GB at least.
  • Choose USB Flash drive for media to use.
  • Now insert the drive into the computers USB port.
  • Click Next.
  • Downloading pops up suddenly starts after the tool is ready.
  • Internet Connection Speed definitely mandatory for Downloading.
  • After Downloading, tools would turn to Windows 10 Installation Media after the Flash Drive is inserted.
  • Now you can use Flash Drive to Install or Upgrade to Windows on all computers.
  • Insert the Media Drive into the computer of Windows 7/8 to Upgrade.
  • Open drive in Internet Explorer and click on Setup file.
  • Upgrade starts.
  • A short preparation and the system checks for updates. Next page would be Ready to Install Guide.
  • Click on Change what to keep.
  • Click on Nothing to keep the Windows 10 intact.
  • Click on Keep personal files only or Keep Personal files , apps or Windows settings.
  • Click Next.