Acer Predator 21x Gaming Laptop Review

Acer has debut one of the most expensive piece of gaming hardware. The Predator 21x. This was unveiled during the Consumer Electronics Show recently in Las Vegas. The starting cost was a whopping U$8999.00. That's right, if you plan on having this high tech gaming device in your hand you better prepare to burn a hole in your pocket. So what is the big deal about this Acer Predator 21x Laptop anyway? Well, we would have to look at the new technology integrated in this piece of hardware to find out. So let's look at the specifications for this device.

Acer Predator 21x Specifications

1. Curved Screen Display 2560x1080 Resolution
2. 5 System Fans To Prevent Overheating
3. GForce GTX Graphics Processing Unit
4. 64Gigabytes of DDR4 Memory - 2400
5. Up to 4 520Gigabytes of Solid State Hard Drives
6. Top of the Line Intel Multi-core Processors
7. Illuminated keyboard for extreme night gaming
8. Eye Tracking Gaming Technology

Acer boast of the first laptop to have curved screen display. This curved screen allows for better game viewing, and play and supports eye tracking technology.

Eye Tracking Gaming Technology
A technology that allows computers to understand what you are looking at – using an eye tracker. With it, you now can complement keyboards, mice and game-pads as an input method for a new game experience

The Acer Predator 21x gaming laptop is not just your everyday gaming system. It is built for durability. With such an expensive device, one would think that they put as much attention in traveling and movement of this computer. Well rest assured that with that big chunk of cash which you are about to fork out, you get an ultra durable hard shell carrying case. Acer looks like it has no plans this year of unveiling low end gaming devices. While other companies like Lenovo introduced its line of gaming laptops starting at just U$900.00. Acer seems to be booking the bank with its Predator 21x

With all the expensive technology incorporated in the Predator 21x, gaming  should be  as smooth as silk on this expensive high tech gizmo.