Advantages of Getting A WowWee Robot Dog CHIP

WowWee Robot Dog
WowWee Robot Dog CHIP

I don't know how many times I have started a post like this. Technology is simply amazing! There are so many new ideas coming to life as we speak. Speaking about new technology, have you gotten your robot dog from WowWee yet? Who knew that one day our lovable dog pets would be substituted for processors, motors, AI and other technological stuff? But don't be surprised if you see millions of people opting for a robot dog over a real one. WowWee has created a new robot dog  called Chip. Acronym as CHIP, no not the chip in your snack bag, but CHIP as in Canine Home Intelligent Pet. So what would be the advantage of having a robot dog from WowWee? Let's see.

Advantages of Having a Robot Dog

If you are a dog owner like myself, you would realize that having a dog is a big responsibility. There are tonnes of things which dogs need and owners must give. But with a robot dog, these responsibilities are slashed to nada.

1. Vet Visits
I am quite sure your robot dog would not need to visit the vet anytime soon, or any time at all. Kiss your vet bills ba-bye.

2. No Flea and Tick Chemicals
The secret has been out for some time that fleas and ticks simple love to bond with dogs. Which then the dog owner will have to get chemicals to either bath, spray or put on the dog's colar to get rid of. Throw your tick and flea bill out the window as as ticks will not like the feeling of trying to bite into metal, and rubber.

3. No Smelly Poo To Clean
You know dogs are dogs and they do what all living things do, the poop! Say goodbye to poop claening with your WowWee Robot Dog.

4. No Dog Food, Treats, or Toys
Guess what? With your robot dog you don't have to shop around looking at large bags of dog food and reading every single label to get the best food for your dog. You don't have to worry about doggy accessories and toys, all you have to do with your robot dog is give it some power and off it goes.

But we all know that a living dog is very cool and dog owners don't mind having all that responsibility mentioned above, but this move to have a robot dog may even lead to persons deciding on having a real dog as a pet. Cuteness does play on many people's conscience. But what is special about having a pet made out of electronic parts? Well let us look at some of the amazing technology integrated in the WowWee Robot Dog CHIP.

WowWee Robot Dog CHIP Powers

  • This dog is packed with artificial Intelligence. It uses a technology called BeaconSense which gives the dog situational awareness. That's right, your robot dog is capable of sensing and understanding it's surroundings and know where they are in relation to them.  This dog maybe even smarter than me, sometimes I don't even know where the heck I am!

  • If this isn't cool I don't know what is. Your robot dog can understand gestures such as touch, claps, hand signs etc. Oh, a gesture is simply a movement of part of the body, especially a hand or the head, to express an idea or meaning.

Bluetooth Low Energy
  • If you have Bluetooth ready smart devices, your robot dog will be able to connect to them easily. So simply connect your smartphone to CHIP and have him play some of your favorite Bob Marley songs.

Infrared Vision
  • I would love to have Infrared Vision someday, but I know my robot dog has. Yes, Chip comes with infrared vision to see and interact with his surroundings. After all, what good is a blind robot really?

App Enabled
  • Free app provides control and/or enhanced game play on your smart device.

Mecanum wheels
  • So where do you want your Canine Home Intelligent Pet (CHIP) to go? Chip comes with special wheel design and facilitates speedy, Omani-directional movement across different terrains.  Just for the record, don't try running your robot dog on the side of the wall, He is a robot dog, not a spider dog.

Touch Sensors
  •  Be gentle with your robot dog, your touch is quite sensitive and he can tell if your touch is gentle or mean. When you touch chip, he feels it with what is called capacitive Sensor. So never slap chip, as a matter of fact, never slap anything.

  • Accelerometers & gyroscopes measure g-force and orientation, helping your WowWee robot sense when it is being picked up. He will be happy when you pick him up, more bonding between you and your pet.

Voice Recognition
  • Speech recognition technology allows your robot pal to respond to its name and a list of commands. I have to say I am impressed. I guess Chip will even learn a bit faster than living dogs. So teach your robot dog to sit, stay, stop barking!

Aren't these features fantastic? Will you be getting a robot dog anytime soon? For me, I believe that certain countries which do not treat living dogs properly will invest in robot dogs. You can't cook em right?

I should warn you that if you expect your WowWee Robot Dog Chip to act as a guard dog and defend your honor against unscrupulous, sorry, not happening. Tell me in the comment area what you think about chip and if you plan to get one soon.