Best Ways To Free Up Hard Drive Space

Well, If you have reached this article I can only assume that you are broke and instead of going out to get a larger drive to transfer your data to you opt on finding a cheaper way of freeing up your hard drive space. Well, since you are a saver or a miser, which ever the case may be, let's get down to the meat of the matter. Freeing up hard drive space.

1. Uninstall Unwanted Applications

Check your computer to see if you have unused or unwanted applications installed which you have no more use for. If you find a bunch all you need to do is uninstall them.

Steps to Uninstall
A. In search type uninstall
B. click uninstall a program
C. The uninstall application window should now open, click on the selected program and select uninstall to remove it.

2. Do A Disk Cleanup

A disk cleanup is basically windows scanning your hard drive for temp files and other useless junk and then removing them. Some of this useless junk files include footprints from  failed installation of some program. System crash files, your grandma's cardboard pie files etc. To trigger a disk clean up you need to do the following:

A. Navigate to your C:Drive
B. Right Click on the drive and select Properties
C. Click Disk Clean up

After windows has scanned your hard drive for useless files. Select the files you which to delete and click OK

3.Remove Installed Downloaded Applications

 After you have downloaded and installed large applications, the best thing you can do to free up hard drive space is to remove those downloaded large applications from your hard drive.

Ways you can remove the Large Applications from your hard drive
  • Delete them
  • Transfer them to a DVD
  • Transfer them to an external Hard Drive
4. Save To The Cloud
If you are really that tight on space ad you just really need to work. You can transfer all your files to the cloud and even begin to save directly to the cloud. Here is how to do this

Now you have no excuse as to why you don't have any free space left on your hard drive.