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Mobile App Development

You can't operate a good business without your business gaining some kind of recognition and following. Businesses in this new technological era requires strong online presence. That online presence will require not just a normal business website, but good mobile applications. Mobile applications allow your business good marketing leverage to effectively advertise and promote your business to millions of potential customers. Before the introduction of mobile applications for businesses, only the traditional kind of promotion was available, this would come in the form of television ads and physical advertising which requires many other resources such as man power and transportation. This can be costly for even large established businesses. But with the shift in tide in technology, even the smallest home business can easily market his/her business through mobile applications. So with all this talk about mobile application development, let's take a look at what really is a mobile app and what it can really do.

What Is A Mobile Application
A mobile app is not different than say an application you buy to install on your laptop or desktop system. The difference is that the mobile app is specifically designed to run on small wireless computing devices such as the popular Smartphone or Tablet. The advantage of this is that the mobile app is able to reach more people than an application designed for a desktop system. Smartphones and tablets today are used over 50% more than a desktop system. These mobile apps are lightweight and can be developed for just about any needs possible. 

What Can A Mobile App Do?
Anything that your brain can conceive! Many business owners create mobile apps for their clients to make certain transactions between client and business more safer, smarter and quicker. So let's say that you are in the business of international shipping. Clients use your business to order items from all over the world and you ship that item directly to their door step. A business like this could easily create a mobile app which can be installed on the customers smartphone which tracts the shipping state of your order. Maybe even give you a detailed imagery of the items current location. This App would be much appreciated by customers and many would have it installed on their Smartphones. But this app can also flash shipping deals and any other promotions or new business opportunities the organization is introducing. This is quick and effective marketing which would see fast returns on minimal investment.

Developing Mobile Apps
As business owners, before you begin to get all excited and bolt to the mobile app developer to create the latest mobile app that may be more of a liability to the business than an asset, businesses need to do an analysis to see how effective the mobile app maybe and what are the prospects of future improvement to the app. Many business owners are introduced to mobile app by app developers who really just want to make some money and not keen into the marriage of the app and the business in terms of long term potential. But with good analytical work, a good mobile app should benefit the business directly or indirectly. One other great thing about mobile application development is that mobile apps are not limited to mobiles only and are responsive on multiple platforms too. Hence, the beneficiary factors of the mobile application development can significantly contribute to the online promotion of your business.

Mobile Application Business Benefits

1. Reaches Millions Easily
When you begin to look at how many people your business now has the potential to reach, your growth chart begins to look phenomenal. There are Billions of Smartphone and Tablet users across the entire Globe. Your mobile app will reach a huge portion of potential market that traditional marketing could never dream of reaching. 

2. Enhances your visibility
Many business owners with websites see a significant increase in website traffic after and effective and seasoned mobile application introduction. More people access websites today using their Smartphones and tablets as no one has time to pop out a laptop or be seated at a desktop station to simply access a website and make a quick transaction. Mobile apps is the way to go these days. 

3. Convenience for Clients / Easier and Quicker Transactions
You can't deny the convenience of Smartphones today. Unless you are doing something processor intensive or requires the use of a desktop computer. Smartphones are quite effective in browsing business websites and making quick transactions. Clients like the fact that they can simply pop out their smartphone, bring up your business mobile app and conduct business right then and their without navigating all over the website to do a two step task.

 4. Maintains a good relationship with the clients
The customers can easily reach the business owners and avail their assistance and can also enrich the organization with their valuable feedback through these apps. Thus, custom mobile application development gives the clients a platform to reach the company and helps them to engage directly.

How Long Does a Mobile App Take To Develop?

There are many factors which goes into the timeline of the development of a mobile app. Some factors include:
  • What do you want the mobile app to do.
    More thought and coding may have to be put into developing more technical mobile applications.
  • How many developers are on the Project.
    Too many cooks does not always spoil the soup when time is of essence. You may need to higher a couple mobile applications developer to get the job done right.
  • Your budget
    Are you ready to pay top dollar for good developers.
Large corporations have staff paid developers who are already integrated into the mission of the business who know exactly what the business needs and can quickly create good mobile apps using either free or paid mobile app builder software.