How To Change Your Commission Junction (CJ) Password

What Is Commission Junction?
CJ Affiliate by Conversant is an online advertising company owned by Conversant, Inc. operating in the affiliate marketing industry, which operates worldwide. It is an advertising company where affiliates can earn lots of money if they have a website and great content to push that website.

CJ has so many affiliate programs you can choose from. Dating, games, health, automotive and so much more. Commission Junction is a very stable and credible company. You should definitely think about being a part of this great company.Ok, so after all that free advertising for CJ, lets get down to changing your password.

Changing Your Commission Junction Password

Step1. If you cannot remember your password, you will have to click the link first which will send a command to commission junction to have your password automatically reset.
Step 2. Once you have received the generated password in your email. Just copy and paste it in the password field above and enter your registered email address and click login.
If you did not have to retrieve a password, simply use your current password to Log into your commission junction account

If your Login is successful, you should be directed to a page which looks something like the image above. This is called your dashboard.

Step3. Select the drop down arrow beside the link labeled Account and click "Users"

Step 4. Scroll over to the right of your screen and click "Change Password"

Step 5. Enter your New Password and Click "Submit"
Now Logout of your account and login to verify that your password has been changed.

Watch Video on how To Change Your CJ Password