How To Clean Your Computer Keyboard and Get Between The Keys

Cleaning Computer Keyboard
Cleaning Computer Keyboard
 The computer keyboard is one of the most essential part of your desktop computer. Look at it this way, if you don't have a keyboard, whether it be a physical keyboard or a virtual one, the computer is useless. The desktop keyboard has seen it's many shares of gross and cries out loud and agonizingly to be restored to it's former glory when it just came from the manufacturing company. But we know that is not possible because of all the battering, beating and abuse dished out at this important device. But with all that said, we do have to get that little input device cleaned and I will show you the best methods in doing so.

Items You Will Need To Clean Your Keyboard

1. Canned Compressed Air
2. Cleaning Solution
3. Lint Free Cloth
4. Thin Flat object such as a flat head screwdriver
5. Small Paint brush with strong bristles. 

Compressed Air - Blow out Debris

Steps To Clean Computer Keyboard

1. The first thing you need to do is examine the keyboard and see if there are any heavy particles between the keys which should be taken out. Things like foods, paperclips, papers, etc. Anything which can be removed by hand you need to do do so.

2. Unplug the keyboard from the computer system if the computer is on. If not it can be clean on the computer without unplugging

3. Turn the keyboard upside down so heavier particles can fall out on its own.

4. Remove a key from the keyboard temporary as you will need to get rid of debris through there. Preferred key to remove is the space-bar

5. Get your compressed air and tilt the keyboard to the side with the space-bar facing down and blow through all the spaces along the keys on your keyboard. Endure that you force debris to exit at the space of that missing key on the keyboard.

6. Get your lint free cloth and spray some cleaning solution on the cloth and wrap it onto the edge of the thin flat item to run along between the keys so that the sides of all the keys are clean and the space below the keys get cleaned also. Do this as much time as you want until you are satisfied it is cleaned enough

7. Remove the item from the lint free cloth and add more cleaning solution to the cloth and begin to rub the top of the keys on the keyboard. Remove hardened dirty juice stains.

8. Clean the entire area around the keyboard. 

Clean between keyboard keys
Clean between Keyboard Keys

Clean Bewteen Computer Keys