How To Easily Increase Your Laptop Battery Life

If you are a laptop user, you may have gone through that phase where suddenly you realize that your laptop battery is being drained and your laptop is about to shut down, then you have that sudden Bolt for the charger and then slip and fall on that banana skin you left on the floor. But why go through all of that when you can easily increase your laptop battery life. Here are seven ways to do this.

1. Reduce Screen BrightnessYour laptop screen uses a lot of battery power to remain lit. The brighter the bulb, the more battery power is needed. To save on battery, all you will need to do is lower the brightness of your laptop screen. But always take your eyes into consideration as too much dim light may also cause a strain on your eyes, reduce the laptop screen light to something comfortable to your vision.

2. Lower The Screen ResolutionA lot of users do not know that the higher the laptop screen resolution the more power is pulled from the battery. You can set the resolution to a comfortable settings which still makes your display look fantastic.

3. Turn On Battery Saver Mode 
Modern laptops come with a function in power management called battery saver mode.  Once this is activated, it will put the device into a low power consumption mode all through. This mode however may affect system performance as your processor, hard drive, memory and other components will consume less power. This can be of some good benefit as it allows you that little extra juice to send off that important email before the battery is buried.

4. Close out Some Apps and Processes
There may be a tonne of unneeded processes using up memory and making your processor do unnecessary work. These actually do take up your laptop battery power. Close out of unnecessary applications and uninstall software that runs in the background which you have no use for.

5. Switch Off Unused Devices
There are so many laptop users that I know have the Bluetooth enabled on their device and have never used it in any way. All this does is create another open port on your laptop and drains your battery power. WiFi and Bluetooth are radio waves and which need lots of battery power to transmit.  You can turn off WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use to save battery power. 

6. Turn off Keyboard Back-light
Light=Power. Turn off the keyboard back light in the days to save some cool battery power.

Remember the battery on your laptop is just like any other battery used in any other device. It gets used and then it drains. After long usage, it will begin to hold less charge, prompting you to replace the battery. But until that time come, why not save some battery power and have a longer lasting battery.