How To Prevent Your Google Account From Being Hacked

Improve Your Google Account Security
Online security is a very big deal in today's world of technology. Nearly all businesses do transactions online and billions of people do some type of authentication online. One of the most common type of authentication is email authentication. This is where a user brings up his/her email provider website, uses credentials given to log into his/her personal mail box. The user is normally given a user name, which is your email address and then allowed to create a password which ties into that username or email address. If either is incorrect, then you should not be allowed to log into your account. But of course we know having just a username and password is just a tiny portion of online security as the attack which takes place in cyber-world is a never ending one. It is a war between hackers, users and online business operators.

There is a constant unleashing of malware, viruses and many other unscrupulous software which seeks nothing more than to cause online mayhem. I will not sit here and bull crap you, there is no full proof way to ensure that you never ever get hacked or a virus does not infiltrate your computer or gain access to your email account. But there are genuine ways to tighten up security and plug as many holes as possible to ensure that the "try process of hacking" will not be a walk in the park. Millions of us have a Google account. This Google account allows us to access many applications provided by google such as Email, Blogger, Adsense etc. So you have a single account and password to access multiple Google Applications. This is why it is important to secure your Gmail account password as anyone who gains access to this account has total control over your Google life.  Google has it's own end of security happening on there side of the world, but you as the end user need to ensure that your Gmail account is as secure as it can get. So let us look at a few ways of tightening security in your GMail account.

Log into your Google Account - Click Settings

Click Accounts and Imports Tab
Click Change Password Recovery Options

Once You Click Change Password and Recovery options it will take you to the Sign in and Security Page where you can now make some robust changes to secure your Google Account.

1. Review Your Account Security

The First option you will see is Google asking you to review your account security by doing an account security checkup. This checkup is to verify certain things withing your account recovery options such as:

1. Correct Phone Number
2. Verified Recovery Email
3. Security Question

All these are important to know and to keep secure. In case you have forgotten your password you can use any one of these methods to have a reset code or link sent to you.

2. Password Methods and Sign In

 3. Using Strong Passwords

I can tell you that best practice is to always use strong passwords. Strong passwords are much harder to guess and are not easy to crack. Strong passwords consist of contains a mix of numbers, letters and symbols. It is hard to guess, does not resemble a real word, and is only used for this account.

4. Change Your Password At Least Once Every Six Month.

Someone may have your password and you do not know. They can sieve through your Google account and gain access to Ad-sense codes, Emails, files etc. By changing your password on a regular basis. You can lessen the chance of this happening.

 5. Strengthen Your Login With 2 Step Verification

This is a great tool for an added layer of security for your Google account. Aside from just the regular password being entered. A security code is created and sent to your smartphone each time you try to login. Without that last verification code, you will not be able to access your Google Account.

6. Device Activity and Notification

What good is all these locks if you do not know when the locks are being opened. The device and notification option in your Google account will alert you whenever you account is accessed on any particular device. So let's say you only have a tablet at home which is the only gadget you use to access your Google account. Then one day you log into your Google account and receive a notification that your last login was in China on a different computer and Operating system which you never used nor has access to. You can immediately take certain security measures such as an immediate password change and notify Google. 

Choose Your Security Alert Notification Method - Email or Phone
Once you have reviewed and amended your Google account Security settings, it is mostly your duty to keep you information safe from unscrupulous individuals.