How To Reserve A IP Address in DHCP Server Windows Server 2012

How To Assign Static IP Address
Assign Static IP Address

 The DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. What this really does is to take the hassle and headache from the Systems Administrators into assigning Static IP Addresses to computers. In order to run a DHCP service. You must have installed an Operating System which supports DHCP software installation. If you are running Windows server 2008/2012/2016, then all you have to do is install the DHCP server services on those platforms and you are good to go. The DHCP service has some pretty good benefits, here are a few.

Eliminate Duplicate IP addresses.
Can you imagine if you had a network of 500 computers to assign ip addresses to manually. Chances are that ou may just end up with a couple duplicate IP address on your network. Computers with duplicate IP address will have resource conflict issues. Network services and shared files may become inaccessible to one of those devices. Since DHCP assigns IP address based upon the devices unique physical address which is the MAC address, duplicate IPs will not exist using DHCP.

Takes the hassle out of Assigning IP
Who in the world of Information technology really wants to be walking around plugging computers with IP addresses. There are much more important things the Systems Administrator could be doing, liking downloading the next coolest FPS right? Once you have a DHCP server setup, it will assign those IP address automatically so you don't have to be foot soldiering those computers.

Assigning Certain Devices Static Addresses.
It is best practice to have certain network devices set to a static IP address. This is done so that when the IP address lease on the DHCP server expires, these special devices will not get a new IP address but will continue to have the same address until the Administrator changes that address. We need to do this so that connections which are tied by IP address remain connected and not broken when the address changes. Any IP address you set static on a DHCP network must be placed in the reserved pool of IP addresses. This reserve pool tells the DHCP server not to allow these addresses to be assigned to any other computers.

How To Reserve IP Address

1. Launch your DHCP Server

2. Right Click Reservation and select New Reservation

3. Enter The Details in the Reservation Window
1. The Device name associate with the Reserved IP
2. The Static IP Address
3. The MAC Address which will be tied to the Static Address
4. Simple Description
Now that you have reserved the Static IP Address. You may need to go to the device and setup the static IP Address.