The Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of things is basically any electronic device, equipment or otherwise which can be assigned an Internet Protocol (IP) Address which will allow that device to be connected to the World Wide Web (The Internet) When you begin to look at the internet of things you have to think outside the box. Basically any piece of device which supports a wireless communication technology is capable of becoming a part of the internet of things. 

So let's say a company has designed a Smart-pen which uses some sort of nanotechnology to produce several ink colors without you have to buying several different pens. Or the point of the pen is interchangeable with that same nanotechnology without you have to buying different point pens. This pen could easily be connected to the internet to say update its firmware to allow mixing of several other ink colors or the changing of different writing points. This pen is given an IP address and now becomes a part of the Internet of Things. 

There are many commercial devices which exits today which helps to form the massive internet of things. Devices such as the Amazon echo, Smart TV's, Smart Watches, IP based Cameras, Microwaves, etc. All these devices have one commonality. They are connected by IP Address to the internet. 

Disadvantages Associated with IoT

Security and Privacy 
This will be an issue when you have so many devices all linked together on the internet. Sending a command from your smartphone to your car is a great idea, but what happens when someone intercepts and hijacks those messages and gains control over your own vehicle. This could be quite disastrous. Most Internet of things devices lack strong security and for most parts, companies or individuals believe that a Username and Password is all it takes to block an attack! 

Difficult to Sell to Enterprises
Security is a huge concern for enterprises, and it should rightly be. Large corporations in finance, retail, medicine and technology can not afford to have mishaps, hacks and loss of data or downtime. This will cost these corporation millions as well as snare their reputation as it relates to the safety of individuals private information. 

Advantages Associated with IoT

Generates More Revenue
The IoT data analysis can help you realize new business functions—and thus new revenue opportunities. The IoT may be  that that new phenomenon gives many organizations a strategic advantage over the competitors in the next decade.

Efficiency and Comfort
There will be situations which arises which may require individuals to assess high risk situations. The IoT can reduce the amount of physical human interaction in these high risk environment.  Now imagine monotonous tasks being automated and done by machines. For example, smart assembly lines could report misconfigurations and errors in real time, producing higher yields and less downtime. The result is more time for productive and rewarding work. This would drive higher employee satisfaction and retention, while dramatically improving profit margins.

The Internet of Things has vast potential and it is up to the Individual or Organization to seek out ways to use this technology for gaining leverage. There is no turning back as to where technology is heading now. Things are being automated, being connected and can easily be controlled in synchronization. Business should capitalize on this and put together a team to assess and come up with a plan to securly integrate any aspect of the Internet of Things with in the Business place.


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