Can Your Computer Run It?

Computer Runs It
Can Your Computer Run It?

There have been so many new and updated computer programs out there which leaves many people to ask if there computer can actually run it. What computer owners must realize that it take a bit much more than the fancy hardware to be able to run certain games and applications. So let's take a look at what your computer will need to run it.

Updated Hardware

If you want your computer to always run it, you have to ensure that your computer hardware is of top quality. So you always have to ensure that the physical specification is of the "Now" Technology and not of yesteryear. So if we are looking at updated physical technology we most definitely have to look at:


Your motherboard must be able to facilitate fast chip-set speeds. It should be compatible with newest memory and CPU technology. Remember, everything starts from your motherboard. All data travels on this piece of device. If your motherboard is outdated or faulty, chances are your computer will not be able to run it, the updated software that is.

Central Processing Unit

This is the brain of the computer. This is where all the workings take place, the area which does the logic and multitasking at super human rates. If you want your computer to run it, you have to ensure that it always have a updated processing unit capable of doing do.


Programs today require the use of much larger memory space due to the AI being embedded in many programs. Many of these applications are also graphic intensive and will require the use of fast and large memory to take care of this.

Video Card

If you want you computer to run it, games and other graphical intensive applications, you have to ensure that your video card is update and has huge amount of memory on it and of course it's own CPU. You simple cannot run certain games without high performing video cards.


If you really are a run it freak and want your PC to run and render anything, you simply have to top off all those expensive piece of equipment with a large LCD monitor capable of mind blowing HD.

When you have all the major components which allows your computer to run light years speed, then you can be certain your computer is more than equip to run it.

IT- refers to any piece of software, games, graphic creation, animation etc.